Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 10

11th – Jupiter enters Virgo

14th – New Moon in Leo

15th – Sun/Venus conjunct in Leo

  • What kind of commitment does your vision require?
  • Smaller can often equal big success
  • Faint new glimmers of romance or opportunity could emerge

Jupiter changes signs once every 12 months and this week arrives in Virgo where he unpacks for a year-long stay. To understand what this may mean to you personally it may be helpful to think back 12 years to what was happening in your life then and you may well see some of the same themes re-emerge or be faced with similar opportunities. Do you regret not following up on any? As always, Jupiter wants to expand our lives on some level so you can opt to choose differently if facing a similar choice if you have any regrets but also bear in mind that a brand new opportunity may form part of this. If unsure, opt for the one that brings you greater freedom, knowledge and experience of the world. It’s time to broaden your horizons in some way or another. Jupiter is all about expansion but the careful and analytical energy of Virgo can slow this process down resulting in impatience and frustration if we don’t understand where our opportunities lie while Jupiter is in here. Above all, it’s about understanding there are no short cuts to success and that success is built on being organised. Jupiter leans towards ‘big picture’ thinking while Virgo is all about details. So, some juggling may be required here. We may have to either take on board that there are going to be no shortcuts to our goals and that slow and steady wins the race or else look to scaling down our vision to a smaller version we can realise more quickly. Both approaches are favoured with Jupiter in Virgo so look at which one works for you. If you decide to down-size that business goal or vision paradoxically it can work out very well for you as you could either tap into a niche market or audience or be seen as an ‘expert’ in a very specific area – either of which gives you the success you are in fact seeking. Be open to different approaches now and weigh up which one may work best for you.

Chances to shine may be in the offing with this week’s new Moon in Leo while others may see the faint glimmers of a new love or creative success on the horizon. Just remember that Venus who rules romance and also our creative ventures, is retrograde so check to see if ‘re’ words apply as in reconciliation, renewal,  revise and revisit. The Sun catches up with her on the 15th when which one of these terms applies best to you may become apparent. Whichever one it is, once again it will prove to you that success demands patience and the ability to stay the course.


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