Show Me the Money! Your Part of Fortune Points the Way

What exactly is your Part of Fortune in your chart, and how do you go about finding it? The Part of Fortune or Pars Fortuna as it is sometimes called, is a point in our birthcharts derived from Arabic astrology that is still used by astrologers today. In ancient times, North Africa and the Middle East were the great centres of astrological study in the world – as well as India. The Hebrew and Arabian astrologers are still today considered to have been the most knowledgeable in the world. Arabic parts in our charts are calculated by using the ancient formulas as set out by the astrologers and are considered to be highly sensitive points in our chart.

A simple way of looking at the Part of Fortune is that it points the way towards prosperity and abundance – money of course being just one part of this – but an important one nonetheless! The house and the sign your Part of Fortune is in can indicate what talents and resources you have at your disposal to achieve success and also provide clues as to which direction this lies in – so it also provides us with insight into our soul path and purpose as well.

If your Part of Fortune makes an important aspect to planets in your chart – such as a conjunction, trine or opposition for example, then even more information is revealed for you – an astrologer can explain this in more depth. Your Part of Fortune is not usually shown in your birthcharts but some sites do offer the option of generating your chart with the Part of Fortune included as do others on line which will just calculate where it is based on you entering your birthdata. You do need your time of birth to calculate where the Part of Fortune is however as the calculations needed to pin-point it are the ascendant and the positions of the Moon and the Sun. Where your Part of Fortune lies is also determined by whether you were born during the day or at night as depending on your time of birth, a different formula is used for each. Although this sounds complicated, today’s computer programs make it easy but as a rule of thumb the Part of Fortune will be the same distance from your ascendant as the Moon is from your Sun. So, say your Sun and Moon are in close conjunction in your chart – your Part of Fortune will be close to your ascendant. If say your Sun and Moon are in opposition, your Part of Fortune will be found close to your descendant.

Here’s a brief by-house interpretation of where your Part of Fortune lies:

Part of Fortune in 1st House: Usually this means you were born close or just after a new Moon. You’re a self-starter with many of the characteristics we associate with new Moons – in other words filled with potential! You will have your own individual way of doing things and this is backed by some stand-out charm which will open doors. Your path to fortune is all about being yourself, not imitating others and getting your ideas out to as many people as possible. Understand you were designed to stand out in some way and this can lead to great success.

Part of Fortune in 2nd House: This is the real ‘show me the money’ placement! You will strive long and hard towards your material goals – to gain more money, assets and possessions and you should not be ashamed of this as experiencing the material world is also a spiritual task. Provided you ensure you are now ‘owned’ by your possessions, of course! Usually anyone who has their Part of Fortune in the 2nd is good with money and is able to attract as much as they need provided they work diligently.

Part of Fortune in 3rd House: You are brimming with ideas and were born with a need to express these in some way. Writing, teaching, speaking, communicating, blogging, publishing, journalism – any professional where you can express yourself verbally will give you the outlet you seek and also the rewards that go along with that. You can start small and work up to bigger things. Don’t also underestimate the power behind a small idea. You may start writing about what’s going on in your neighbourhood to discover it strikes a chord everywhere. This is a real ‘think locally, communicate globally’ placement.

Part of Fortune in the 4th House: To succeed you first need a sense of stability, security, home and/or family. This may not be the family you were born into and if you feel like a ‘black sheep’ you will create your own family circle from friends and like-minded people. Part of Fortune in the 4th individuals are able to think and plan in the long term and usually have strong attachments to their parents, home or country. This placement often means that you will attain your material goals in the last 3rd of your life.

Part of Fortune in 5th House: This placement brings a touch of stardom and strong creativity along with a desire to be noticed! Whatever form this takes, you will seek the limelight in some way and fame is a distinct possibility when it comes to being rewarded for your talents. You may be drawn towards the creative fields – design, art, film making, acting, music, theatre and writing. Working with children is another area that could bring you immense satisfaction or devising something that it fun or playful. You are a born entrepreneur and are willing to take a chance to attain success which usually pays off as you were also born with a lucky streak!

Part of Fortune in 6th House: Usually the Part of Fortune in here means you were born close to a full Moon. You are a hard worker and may be drawn towards a profession where self improvement or the improvement of others’ is the goal. Diet, fitness, exercise, healthcare as well as professions such as accountancy or where detailed analysis is required can open the way to rewards and satisfaction. When it comes to improving the lives of others, don’t limit your thinking to just helping humans as many people with the Part of Fortune in this house make excellent vets or animal welfare workers as well as personal trainers, doctors and nurses. Think wellbeing – whether it’s someone business, finances or their bodies.

Part of Fortune in 7th House: If your Part of Fortune is in here you were born just after a full Moon. This is the house of partnerships and success for you may lie with being partnered up in some way. This placement can deliver a partner who is well-off but it’s important to remember this house rules all kinds of partnerships and joint ventures – from business partners, collaborators and close friends. Being part of a duo in some way is going to lead to your success so bear in mind that going it alone may not be the best option for you. Your Part of Fortune should deliver just the right kind of partner for what you need at any given stage in your life so be open to the idea that partnerships embrace many forms.

Part of Fortune in 8th House: Success from psychic or occult matters, investigative work, the paranormal or going where others fear to tread are all open to you if you have your Part of Fortune in here. Your success may come from managing other people and their money and if this is the case ensure you come from a place of scrupulous honesty as otherwise you could find yourself in serious trouble. Detective, researcher, psychiatrist, profiler, crime writer, spy – all these avenues are open to you. People will be drawn to you as you exude a powerful magnetism. This house also rules sex in our charts – so don’t rule out porn king or queen or sex therapist as possible avenues for you. Remember – the universe makes no judgement, only people do.

Part of Fortune in 9th House: 9th house Part of Fortune often finds success in a different country from their birth one. Higher education, travel, philosophy publishing, mass media, the law or working with large animals are all paths that can lead to success for you. The 9th house Part of Fortune indicates a lifetime of travel and learning and then applying this. The Part of Fortune in here can often indicate psychic and clairvoyant abilities which manifest at an extremely early age. Exploring the world – either via travel of the mind or actually travel, is what will open doors here.

Part of Fortune in 10th House: If you have your Part of Fortune in here chances are you will be drawn to a ‘traditional’ profession or one where you have a major role in structuring your society. Medicine, banking, the law, politics, working for a government department are likely to appeal or you may be able to carve out a niche and a corner office) in a large, established corporation. Your professional image and public standing will be of great importance to you and you will place a high value on your reputation – which you will guard as you know that without that, you have nothing. You are determined, quietly ambitious and take the long view. So long as you don’t become ruthless or a workaholic, you should enjoy claiming that position at the top you crave.

Part of Fortune in 11th House: This is the house of the innovator, the inventor, the revolutionary and the original thinker. You’ll have ideas that are way ahead of everyone else’s and this brings the possibility to great success if you stick to your vision. What you have to understand is that you are having to wait for people to catch up to your way of looking at things or else for you to connect with that person or organisation that values your ‘out of the box’ take on things. To you, the need for change and the means to bring it about are obvious, but you can end up beating your head against the wall of entrenched thinkers you encounter. Have faith in your vision and stick to it.

Part of Fortune in 12th House: Many people with the Part of Fortune in here are drawn to altruistic professions – charity work, healing and caring for others. If so, take this as a sign you are working off some karmic obligations. The Part of Fortune in here can bestow the ability to delve into ‘hidden’ worlds – and not just the spirit one although this is one path that often beckons. Theoretical maths and physics could also appeal as could alternative healing or working with the disadvantaged. Creating ‘illusions’ that others can believe in is another path to success via film, television, fiction or art. This is a highly intuitive and creative placement.

If you need help to discover where it is, one of our astrologers can happily point the way towards your path to prosperity. Your Part of Fortune indicates where life flows easily for you and once you have discovered this, you can consciously choose to channel your energy into that area of your life. The results are usually increased abundance, well-being and the feeling of being ‘in the flow’ of life and your higher purpose – thanks to ancient astrology and modern day interpretations!


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