Weekly Astro Tarot Forecast September 14

Aries – 10 of Cups: A goal comes to fruition and you can bask in well-deserved success and a sense of achievement. If you’re just starting a romance, project, job or interview process then the long term prospects look good.

Taurus – The Sun: New beginnings see you crossing the threshold into a joyful phase where things just seem to be going your way. This is what you have been working towards or hoping for. Children may be part of this or just give the child within permission to play.

Gemini – The Hermit: Look within for answers and rely on your inner wisdom and guidance. If you’ve not thought of yourself as an expert on anything, the one thing you are an expert on is yourself. So, don’t allow others to tell you what you need. Follow your heart.

Cancer – Knight of Wands: Don’t procrastinate and get the job done – whatever it is. News could see you travelling for work or embarking on a course. Singles could see their attention snagged by a younger partner especially if travelling. Seek out spiritual answers.

Leo – The Chariot: Look to see where you may be undermining your own progress simply by neglecting to harness your full resources. You can make enormous headway towards professional ambitions but don’t scatter your talents or neglect to sell yourself in.

Virgo – 6 of Pentacles: You’re about to benefit from someone else’s assistance one way or another. Finances improve or else someone gives you a hand up or push in the right direction. Take this as the first step along a rewarding new path.

Libra – 3 of Cups: You’re being put on notice that you’re shortly going to have something to celebrate. It may be a few weeks away still but chance are that between now and the end of the year as something you’re waiting on reaches the conclusion you hoped for.

Scorpio – 5 of Pentacles: Finances demand your attention and perhaps a little TLC on your part. Are you in a feast or famine cycle? Time to stop the see-sawing and have a plan for financial balance and shedding debt. Conserve your energy as well as your money.

Sagittarius – 2 of Cups: Get out and about if single as love seems to be top of your agenda now. While romance is one possible outcome, all kinds of encounters are highlighted. At the very least you’ll end up with some like-minded new friends. It’s all love now.

Capricorn – The Empress: Bask in creativity, sensuality, abundance and life’s sensual experiences. Romance blossoms or else you receive backing and support for your ideas. Family, children, books, music, art, nature and animals could be your point of inspiration.

Aquarius – 6 of Wands: No matter what delays or obstacles you’ve experienced recently you’ll now have the satisfaction of knowing you conquered them to attain your goal. It’s not just in one area – there could be a knock-on effect into other areas. Good job.

Pisces – The High Priestess: Don’t accept anything on face value. Instead listen to your intuition especially if your gut feeling is that someone may be lying or misleading you. Above all, avoid making snap judgements. More information is coming.


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