We Are the Dreamers of Dreams – the Jupiter/Neptune Opposition

We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams’

English poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy wrote his ‘Ode’ – usually referred to by its first line, in 1873. Interestingly enough during this year Jupiter was also in the sign of Virgo. Neptune however, was in the sign of Aries and about to move into Taurus where of course he would trine Jupiter. Neptune is a higher vibration of Venus – Taurus’s ruling planet  – think beauty, creativity, inspiration, romance and the ability to weave dreams ‘We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams’

During September, Jupiter now in Virgo opposes retrograde Neptune in his ruling sign of Pisces. Before the invention of the modern day telescope, the solar system was thought to end with Saturn (as this was the last planet observable to the naked eye). So, many signs ended up with shared planetary rulerships – much like Taurus and Libra share Venus, and Gemini and Virgo share Mercury today, as of course there just weren’t enough planets to go around! So, Pisces ancient ruler was in fact Jupiter before Neptune was discovered. So, with these two planets moving in to opposition, this gives us a ‘double dose’ of Pisces type energy – perhaps more so as Jupiter always tends to expand things!

It’s going to be a powerful time for many signs – the Mutable signs in particular – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius (Jupiter’s ruling sign) and of course, Pisces. The energy may be fast moving and changes may occur that make us feel we are literally being ‘swept’ rather than drifting away. If you have planets in either Pisces or Virgo you will feel this most strongly no matter what your sign. A personal planet in here will make this particularly intense and up-close. Fixed signs and those signs who rely on structure and stability may also find this energy challenging. This energy may well peak around the start of next month as we have a Mutable Grand Cross forming which contains Neptune but not Jupiter. So, what begins around the time of the Jupiter/Neptune opposition which is exact on September 15-16 may find its release on October 2nd – so these are the dates to watch out for.

Let’s look at what this may mean for us more closely.

‘Wandering by lone sea-breakers, And sitting by desolate streams -‘

Jupiter is in Virgo – which is a sign of detail, patience and one that grounds us to the earthly reality. Many astrologers say that Jupiter is not happy in Virgo as his expansive energy is contained in here. That’s true on one level but Jupiter in Virgo says that there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Jupiter in Virgo gets us looking at the steps we need to take to reach a goal and systematically taking one after the other to get there. We start to employ patience and commit to the long haul which can result in permanent changes in our methodology and as individuals. Jupiter sets us off on a long journey – in this case the realisation there are no short cuts no matter how much we wish there would be.  A heady dose of Virgo’s pragmatism and discipline may be the magic ingredient we needed to attain that success – especially for those of us who are ‘big picture’ thinkers and who tend to skim over the details! Once we accept this, then Jupiter in Virgo is free to deliver us what we are aiming for – even it it does not manifest all at once! So, this can feel like a long and often lonely journey especially as Neptune asks us to take ‘soul time’ out and journey within.  But we need to appreciate that rewards will be waiting.

‘World-losers and world-forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams:’

Like Jupiter’s ruling sign of Sagittarius, Pisces is the other sign of higher (in this case spiritual’ learning, travel and exploration – of hidden realms such as psychic, occult and even the theoretical sciences such as Quantum Physics as this requires a leap of imagination – which Neptune rules. However, negative Neptune can see us entering our own world, rather than that of reality. Aside from all the ‘good stuff’, like any planet Neptune has his dark side – which we could describe as a ‘pale moon’. He will wrap us in illusions or even delusions – these can be self-created or we can fall for those created by others – such as cults, fanatical propaganda as these too are ‘escapes’ from reality. Neptune rules addiction and mental illness, places of confinement -hospitals, hospices and prisons.  Under Neptune’s influence we can be lured into ‘tuning out’ the world – or the parts of it we won’t like or can’t cope with. With Jupiter who ‘bigs things up’ opposing Neptune we can say that some people’s desire to escape into the world as they want it to be, may be amplified and as a result, they may fall deeper into addiction or be snared by someone’s message which appears to offer a version of the world they seek. If this sounds very depressing (depression being another thing ruled by Neptune!), take heart as this opposition also contains the means to become grounded back into healing and create a new reality.

‘Yet we are the movers and shakers, Of the world for ever, it seems.’


Neptune and Pisces rule compassion, empathy, selflessness and universal connectedness as well as inspiration, psychic abilities and occult wisdom.  Jupiter rules higher learning (academic, religious and philosophical), travel, foreigners, mass media, large animals – especially horses, and the law. When we start to look at these planets in this way we can see how beautifully they begin to dovetail. In mythology, Neptune or rather Poseidon, is credited with creating the horse. So, there are many areas these two agree on.  Add to the fact Jupiter is in Pisces’s opposite sign of Virgo – the sign of details, being grounded and reality, and also that Neptune is retrograde when this opposition occurs. What this means is we can no longer take refuge in illusion and we are forced to see the world for what it is. So, when it comes to Neptune’s ability to weave that spell of illusion and addiction, this actually means that we are made to confront things as they are – if someone has an addiction problem, it may be worsening but then they hit rock bottom – from which there is only upward to go. Globally, we may have to confront cultural or mass illusions around ‘us and them’ as other people’s suffering touches us on a profound level and we can no longer look away as we realise we are all connected and as a result, changes are now possible. But first we must be prepared to question our beliefs, examine the facts and then be willing to let go of what exists to replace it with something so much better. We become the ‘movers and shakers’ of our world instead.

Here’s another perfect Neptune/Jupiter quote from the film ‘Contact’ – a story that explores Neptune/Jupiter themes of religion, belief, faith and whether or not we are alone in the universe:

‘You’re an interesting species. An interesting mix. You’re capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you’re not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we’ve found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.’


On the day Carl Sagan, the scientist who wrote ‘Contact’ was born – Neptune was in Pisces. On the day the film of the book was released, Jupiter was in Pisces. So we can see how these themes are echoed in a creative work which required a great leap of inspiration- how would other civilisations make Contact and what would be the effects of that? Even the Neptunian illusion of radicalism and separatism is played out in the book and film – starting with the first television broadcast of Hitler opening the 1936 Olympics – when of course he ensnared an entire country in a false illusion and on to when a fundamentalist religious group destroy the first machine which obviously poses a threat to their ‘world view’. For them, it is safer to remain inside Neptune’s illusion than embrace the reality we are not alone. Also, when Ellie returns from her ‘trip’, she cannot prove she has gone anywhere or that it was not her own illusion – also very Neptunian themes.

So, what kind of dreamers or dreams will this opposition turn us into – and what kind of reality do we have to embrace first? Here’s a brief overview of how this will play out for your sign:

Aries: Jupiter in 6th opposition Neptune in 12th: Neptune sits in his ruling house in your chart while Jupiter sits in your sector of work and wellbeing. There may be a wake-up call around something you know about but have chosen to ignore. This could relate to your health or your work. If you have been labouring away in the wrong job, you may now see that action needs to be taken to put you on the correct path and the only person who can do this is you. This may require a shake-up on many levels and you may encounter inner opposition due to the work you need to do to accomplish this, as well as outer opposition from people who just don’t like you moving out of your round hole despite the fact you are clearly a square peg in it. Others may know they have stayed overlong in a job and suddenly find circumstances align to force them to look for something new. If you have been ignoring messages from your body that you need to make adjustments to your health, diet or general wellbeing you may now see that you have put this off for far too long. Take whatever steps are necessary to re-align to whatever path you have strayed from.

Taurus: Jupiter in 5th opposition Neptune in 11th: You need to see lovers as they really are and have a relationship forged in loving reality and not any Prince or Princess Charming illusions. If you have placed someone on a pedestal (or they have placed you for that matter), then they or you will likely come crashing down. If this is the case ask yourself whether this isn’t a good thing? A little romantic illusion is fine but for something to really last we need to fall in love with a real person – not some creation of our imagination. Friendships may also come under the same kind of scrutiny now – you’ll either feel you resonate totally or else realise they just don’t hold the same values you do. Above all, if you are creative in any way, this is a call to do something with your talents if you are not already doing so. Your goals may actually be grounded in reality no matter what others may tell you – and if they are saying that, this could form part of your illusions about them falling away. Anyone who stops you shining or expressing yourself needs a second look from you now – and a good dose of realism when it comes to knowing whose side they are really on.

Gemini: Jupiter in 4th opposition Neptune in 10th: Have you been living out someone else’s ambitions, Gemini? Very often we can do this without even realising it. We pick up the disappointments and frustrated ambitions of our parents or even grandparents, and then try to heal the family wound by going out and trying to live that life for them. Or we may strive for success as a way of getting a parent’s attention or approval if we didn’t get it as children. Whose approval are you seeking by doing what you do? Of course, sometimes it’s far more overt than that with our parents making no bones about the fact that we are expected to enter the family business or follow in their footsteps. It’s time to uncover the reasons why you are doing what you do. Now, it may be that it is totally in alignment with who you are and if so this opposition asks you to make some serious decisions with long term career and security implications now. However, for others it could just mean having to challenge the family story on some level and say it actually isn’t yours. You need to do things for yourself, not because you need someone’s approval but for your own approval. Your life is yours to live and yours alone. Don’t live someone else’s dream for them – live your own.

Cancer: Jupiter in 3rd opposition Neptune in 9th: Contact with people from overseas, travel, education and perhaps expanding your world view in some way will form part of this process for you. Some of you could see this play out by volunteering or going to work for a charity – especially one that is located overseas. You may come into contact with people from other lands and cultures which make you expand your horizons and look at the world in an entirely new way. You may also no longer take what you see and hear on the news as fact but want to explore topics further and make up your own mind. In doing so you may overthrow some long held beliefs. This transit is also wonderful for writing, publishing and creative ventures with mass market appeal as you may really touch on something in the collective right now. Borders can and literally dissolve between you and others and between where you are geographically and other countries too. You’re off on a long, long journey of discovery and this could be of the mind or an actual physical one. Open yourself up to higher wisdom and learning now.

Leo: Jupiter in 2nd opposition Neptune in 8th: Have you been giving away your power on some level? Neptune sits in your 8th of personal power opposing Jupiter in your house of money, values and self-worth. The best expression I can come up with for this is ‘selling yourself short’. You may have abdicated your power to someone in a sexual relationship, a business relationship, settled for a job that pays you far less than the responsibilities you have undertaken warrant, you have conceded your power in salary or other negotiations settling again for less out of a lack of self-worth or fear of asking for more or someone close to you may have been quite literally ‘pulling the wool’ over your eyes – and if you have had an inkling all was not as it seemed, you have shied away from confronting them. Maybe you have been led to believe you don’t deserve anything better. I know it seems to be strange to talk about Leos in this way but although most of the time they appear super-confident, very often this is not true confidence but a role they assume to cover up all kinds of insecurities. Neptune opposition Jupiter may force you to confront this shadow side in order to throw a light on it – quite literally, and dissolve it once and for all. Don’t fall prey to lack of faith in yourself and Jupiter calls to you to know your own worth.

Virgo: Jupiter in 1st opposition Neptune in 7th: You’ll be confronting the true nature of partnerships and/or you needs in partnership with another. On a personal level you are going through a period of expansion in some way, and along with this may come increased awareness of the kind of relationship that will work for you. By understanding yourself better and expanding self-awareness you are in a position to make better decisions when it comes to who you should be with. Yes, I know other signs may give you a bad rap for having check-lists or lists of pro and cons, but something this can be a good thing. The only thing I would caution you against is becoming overly critical or picky. Nobody is saying you have to forgo your standards and in fact, getting clear on what we need often involves we raise them in some way. Just don’t go looking for perfection – just a perfectly imperfect human being like yourself but it will become more important than ever for you that a partner has certain emotional qualities – and if happiness is what you seek, you will be wise not to compromise on these. I’m talking big things like shared values and moral compasses and even shared philosophies. The downside of this if of course the realisation the person you are with is not after all on the same page – at least where it most matters. Perhaps this is part of the illusion they span you. If so, time to consider where you want to remain snagged by it – or move on.

Libra: Jupiter in 12th opposition Neptune in 6th: An awkening lies ahead for you. Jupiter in your 12th has a subtle effect. He is intent on bringing you rewards but these may be intangible to others as they tend to occur on an inner, spiritual level. Jupiter sits in Neptune’s ruling house in your chart here don’t forget. Something occurs which validates your beliefs, asks you to stand up for them or even tests your soul. The result of this can be the reward of increased wellbeing which comes from living your truth as Neptune is sitting in your house of wellness and health. Certainly, you will see what or who has a negative effect on this. Please don’t forget that the 12th is the house of hidden enemies and more often than not it is ourselves and our own behaviour that we end up confronting. You may see all too clearly how you are undermining yourself. As for your work, it has to have real meaning and purpose for you and be aligned to your highest self-expression. You will also see the value of ‘one step at a time’ strategies. If you have been caught in Neptunian addictions that have undermined your health mentally or physically, or even your job, you should now be able to take the step to ask for whatever help you need as ‘one day at a time’ 12 step programs would also come under this transit. By knowing the true reason why you do things, you can overcome negative behaviours and go straight to the source that wuill bring you’re the most happiness.

Scorpio: Jupiter in 11th opposition Neptune in 5th: Instead of looking for love in all the wrong places, this transit can see you looking for it in the right ones for a change. Neptune being the higher Venus vibration links you to creativity, romance and pleasure. He can however have you ignoring warning signs about lovers or immerse you in over-indulgence just because it feels so good. He can deliver those fabulous ideas but you’ll be stuck at the stage of fantasising about them or constantly fine-tuning them rather than launching or completing them. Neptune retrograde can now rip those veils of illusion and indecision away while Jupiter in your 11th can deliver the people you need to make a dream real. If wishes were horses – well, both Jupiter and Neptune rule those and I have already told all Scorpios to make three wishes while Jupiter is in here and expect at least one of them to come true over the next 12 months. Neptune could however lead you into expecting that all you have to do is sit there and wait for fairy Godfather Jupiter to appear with a magic wand. This opposition says it can come true – but you have to take real steps to make it so. Don’t wait for luck to happen, create your own.

Sagittarius: Jupiter in 10th opposition Neptune in 4th: On some level this is going to be about getting serious, putting down roots and planning for your future. Yes, Jupiter is your ruler and is usually all for those happy-go-lucky Sag adventures. But your 10th house is all about your status, your long term career and aspirations and your professional reputation. Neptune sits in your house of home and family. I’m not saying you’ll have to give up your life of adventure – just that you may now have to establish a base from which the adventures begin and end and commit to the means to pay for them. Career breakthroughs are likely if you are prepared to ‘ground’ yourself somewhere. If you look for escapism from responsibility you will lose out on what can be a very rewarding cycle with the potential for a big breakthrough professionally. However, clever Sagittarians (is there any other kind?) will have noted that both Jupiter and Uranus will be squaring Sagittarius from the houses they are in. So, that big break will take a lot of effort! Neptune in your 4th can also bring up family secrets which again can impact on how the world sees us and how we see ourselves. Others however can experience a new sense of belonging and knowing that where they are right now is where they are meant to be. True freedom begins with a solid launch pad from which to aim for the stars and you may finally see this now. No matter if you are heading for the top – you take yourself with you and you’re the one person you can never escape. Sit tight and work with what you have.

Capricorn: Jupiter in 9th opposition Neptune in 3rd: Jupiter sits in his ruling house in your chart, Capricorn so we can say he is at home in here. Many of you could be bound for university or off to further your professional or even philosophical knowledge. Legal matters are also highlighted now. However, if Neptune in your 3rd has led to you either misinterpreting, ignoring or just deliberately failing to check the small print or true meaning behind what is being said, then it will now become plain. If you have been bluffing or deluding yourself the results of that will now come to light. A prime example of this would be the person who speaks a smattering of French deciding to buy a home in France but because they know a little, declines the services of an interpreter, as opposed to someone who knows no French opting to hire one. Statistics show that the former group are far more likely to run foul of unexpected expenses or problems than the latter – simply because they thought they understood what was being said or else were reluctant to admit the fact they didn’t. If you have fallen into a similar trap its likely that you’ll be confronted with the results of that. Others of you who may have fallen into a rut -either a metaphorical one or an intellectual one, are likely to have their sense of wonder and adventure reawakened as they step into a bigger world experience. Travel opens the mind and if not physical one can travel spiritually or from your armchair as TV and the internet bring the world into our homes. Opt for expansion and speaking the truth – and that includes the truth of saying you don’t know.

Aquarius: Jupiter in 8th opposition Neptune in 2nd: Jupiter in the 8th is traditionally associated with receiving a legacy of some kind. Of course, he will pass through our 8th house many times during our lifetime and we can safely say we are unlikely to receive a legacy every time he does so. However, with Neptune in your money zone and his ability to connect us to the deep side of life which includes loss and spiritual suffering, for many this may be the case now. Financial gains are likely to come from a painful source which demands something from us in return. If not the beneficiaries of a will, we could find we are recipients of an insurance payout, redundancy package, divorce settlement or sickness benefit. This money requires us to accept loss and change. If we have ignored financial matters – say we have been borrowing more than we can afford to pay back or just been living beyond our means, then this opposition could bring us down to earth with a very nasty bump indeed. Something is falling due on some level and this could be more than just bills. Some of you may have to pocket your pride and seek out serious financial advice from an accountant or similar and please, don’t be afraid to do this is this is the case. Only by refusing to acknowledge your financial reality will you continue to be trapped by debt or misery. Others could see someone come to them for financial assistance. Only lend money if you can afford to write it off.

Pisces: Jupiter in 7th opposition Neptune in 1st: Jupiter in your 7th offers you the best change of meeting a partner for the last 12 years. Don’t forget, this includes all kinds of partnership experiences as the one you need right now may not be a romantic one, but could be a business one instead so be open-minded. It is now time to ditch fairy-tale illusions around love and reach for something and someone real. Don’t expect to be ‘rescued’ – or worse, continue to fall for someone who needs rescuing. Rescue yourself and then you won’t need to do this any more. If you have been harbouring illusions about a partner then those rose-pink spectacles will come off at this point. However, this does mean you can build a more solid, more lasting and more profound love and isn’t this what you have been seeking all along? If single your partner could be from overseas or be somehow ‘larger than life’ and open you up to new worlds and new experiences. This is not just a partnership but you will both act as teacher and pupil to each other in turn. You will learn more about yourself via them and they will learn more about themselves via you, than you could have done on your own. However, if you have been mired in the illusion of unrequited love, constantly fall for people who are unavailable and refuse to see these kinds of situation for what they are, you may have a lot of work ahead of you until you are in the position to have the relationship you need. The one you’ve been dreaming of may in fact have no foundation in reality.





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