October Monthly General Astrology Forecast

2nd – Mutable Grand Cross: Moon in Gemini square Mars in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces square Moon in Gemini. Moon in Gemini opposition Saturn in Sagittarius. Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces

5th – Cardinal Grand Cross – Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries square Moon in Cancer square Sun in Libra. Sun in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries. Moon in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn

8th – Venus (direct) re-enters Virgo

9th – Mercury direct in Libra

13th – New Moon in Libra

18th – Venus/Mars/Jupiter conjunct in Virgo

22nd – Mercury/Juno conjunct in Libra

23rd – Sun enters Scorpio

25th – Venus and Jupiter Conjunction in Virgo (Will be visible within 1 degree of each other in the early morning sky, just before sunrise)

27th – Full Super Moon in Taurus (Blood Moon)

28th – Venus, Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in Virgo (Will be visible within a tight 1 degree triangle in the early morning sky, just before sunrise)

  • Challenges require us to remain adaptable
  • Consistent work and dedication is rewarded
  • Happy birthday, Scorpio!


October begins with two Grand Crosses within three days of each other. Who’s afraid of the Grand Cross? Well, considering how many Cardinal Grand Crosses we have seen of late, by now most of us are familiar with the challenges they can throw up. But let’s start by delving deeper into these two and Grand Crosses in general and perhaps find a new way of dealing with, and directing this kind of energy. First we see a Mutable Grand Cross appear on the 2nd. Now, notice that all the Mutable signs occur at the END of each season. So, Gemini is the last sign in Spring before the Sun arrives in Cancer bringing us the Summer solstice. Virgo is the last sign before Autumn when the Sun in Libra brings the Autumn equinox. Sagittarius is the final sign of Autumn before the Winter solstice occurs when the Sun enters Capricorn and Pisces is the last sign of winter before the Sun enters Aries bringing the Spring equinox around. So, first we have a Grand Cross which takes place in these signs which form bridges between one season and the next, and three days later, we have a Cardinal Grand Cross form in the signs that mark the start of a season.

If we were to cast a chart for this three day period what we would see is an eight-pointed octagram or polygon. Now, I know we have all been challenged by Grand Crosses, but many astrologers out there are now naming them Achievement Squares. Yes, I know if you are struggling this hardly seems what they are. But although they cab challenge us, they contain immense potential for growth and success but we have to show our commitment to our path by dealing with whatever they throw up head-on. So, with the energy of the Mutable Grand Cross (which is also known traditionally as a ‘Karmic Grand Cross’), of the 2nd, what we may encounter are challenges for soul growth around uncontrollable situations and plans backfiring on some level. What we are being asked to do is reach into the limitless well of our ideas and apply a new and different method to the one we would normally use. This brings the growth this Grand Cross contains. So, this may involve bringing a situation to an end or stepping free of a long term response which results in dynamic growth and freedom due to the Mutable Grand Cross marking ‘ends’ of seasons. When we then approach the next Grand Cross – the Cardinal one on the 5th, we are faced with the fast-moving energy of creation – that is, using our new approach now in a practical way. Again, this may mean facing a challenge but again, there is massive success potential here and huge achievements can be made simply by knowing where to direct your energy. The energy is extremely fast-moving and requires we adapt quickly to situations. It’s faster than light energy propelled around at a quantum speed. For more information on what this is for your sign, read your monthly forecast.

Setting yourself up for love in the long term, taking care of details and also understanding the true nature of success will now be themes for all of us as Venus direct now re-enters Virgo on the 8th and the following day, Mercury moves forward again in Libra. The new Moon in Libra on the 13th could bring new beginnings in relationships or co-operative ventures for many and Mercury’s meeting with Juno in here on the 22nd, points to understanding and a fabulous connection for new and existing relationships. Time to really engage in a dialogue about what it means to be one half of a couple – whether this is a love partnership, business partnership, a close friend who is always there for you or a collaborator of some kind.

Of course, the true and amazing fabulousness right now is all centered on the sign of Virgo. Probably everyone right now either wishes they were a Virgo or has Virgo rising or Virgo planets. If you are a Virgo or have Virgo as your ascendant or Virgo planets – well, lucky, lucky you as fabulous alignments occur with Venus. Mars and Jupiter all conjunct in here on the 18th. Look to the skies on the 25th early in the morning and you will witness Venus and Jupiter within one degree of one another – with Mars joining in this tight formation on the 28th. This is a sight not to be missed but many of you could now reap the rewards for consistent work you’ve been putting in on some level. Again, please see your individual sign forecast for more detailed information.

Let’s not let the Virgo planetary party distract us from wishing all Phoenixes a very happy solar return as the Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd. With ancient ruler Mars partying with Venus and Jupiter in your 11th which rules goals, wishes and dreams, hopefully you have all already taken my advice when Jupiter first entered Virgo and made three wishes. If not, now is the time to get those birthday wishes out there and as Jupiter always wants to say ‘Yes!’ and so does Venus, expect at least one to come true over the next 10 months of so. Ancient ruler Mars may just give you the boost and confidence to go for your dreams now.

The Full Super Moon in Taurus on the 27th links us to worldly aspirations, the appreciation of art and beauty and life’s sensual pleasures. It’s time to be in the world in a very physical way and appreciate all it has to offer. It’s also not about wanting more – but rather gratitude for what you have. It’s not about more money or things per se, but quality over quantity. Dive into the beauty of life after surmounting the challenges early in the month. You’ve earned it now.


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