Weekly Astro Tarot Forecast October 5

Aries – Knight of Wands: You could meet someone who is on the same page as you spiritually. No matter how the connection eventually evolves, this feeling of resonance will be mutual and the glue that holds you both together. Get ready for a lifetime connection.

Taurus – 8 of Wands:  Events take on a momentum all of their own and in fact you may feel everything is happening at once! Travel, communications, movement and choices carry you along with them. Traditionally this card also represents the arrows of love – is Cupid busy ni your life now?

Gemini – Wheel of Fortune: Which way is the Wheel turning for you, Gemini? What goes down must ascend again so if you’ve been stuck in a negative cycle this says things are once more turning in your favour. Push the energy along but taking action on your own behalf.

Cancer – 3 of Wands: Ships come in or you begin to harvest the rewards of seeds you planted earlier. You’re poised on the threshold of success but may face last minute jitters or impostor syndrome. Don’t let doubts undermine all you are about to achieve.

Leo – The Devil: This card usually depicts the Devil within as opposed to an adversary. This can be the hardest enemy of all to spot. Time to let go of fear and understand that sometimes what we want most scares the most. The Devil challenges you to feel the fear – but do it anyway.

Virgo – Judgement: It’s time to free yourself of the past and to stop blaming yourself and/or others. Time to send out universal forgiveness. If you had not made errors in the past you would not have learned anything or arrived at this point. By doing so you free yourself to enter a fresh cycle and wipe the karmic slate clean.

Libra – Page of Wands: This Page usually marks good news heading your way especially around work or business matters. You’re unusually optimistic about the future and are about to enter a cycle where anything seems possible. If you believe it is, then it will be.

Scorpio – 4 of Wands: A commitment to a relationship, a new home or establishing something for your future are harbingers of a new phase of contentment and security for you. Creative or business endeavours flourish as several new avenues could open up.

Sagittarius – King of Cups: A Water sign man could become a big influence in your life and may offer you the kind of support you have been missing. If you meet someone new they are likely to be sensual and romantic. You also have the trait of speaking your mind in common – that you appreciate.

Capricorn – The World: Something now comes full circle or you complete a cycle with a real sense of achievement. Pause and enjoy the moment and any accolades or praise that is due. You’ve earned your success but understand the journey is by no means over and a new cycle of achievement beckons.

Aquarius – Queen of Pentacles: A woman with Earth sign energy could play a prominent role in your life now. She knows what she wants and also knows how to utilise her resources to get it. If she doesn’t appear in person understand you contain some of her qualities – especially her ability to handle her finances. Channel this.

Pisces – Strength: Self control is the key to this card. The woman depicted can only tame the lion as she has learned to control her own emotions and wild nature. This week offers an opportunity to change a situation simple by choose to control how you respond to it. That’s true soul power.


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