Mars Opposition Neptune: What You Resist, Persists

Mars enters Virgo, the sign of our earthly concerns, details and wellbeing from September 25. This marks the start of an interesting few weeks as Mars will make some challenging or even breakthrough aspects to other planets while he moves through here. Remember, Mars is all about action and he can sometimes act in haste – this essentially goes against the energy of Virgo and can result in what I like to refer to as a ‘scorched earth policy’. During his time in Virgo he will oppose Neptune in his ruling sign of Pisces. This represents an soul development opportunity for all of us, but will we all be up to heeding the call to action?

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and the present-day ruler of Aries. He represents action and also boundaries. Look now to Virgo who is all about details, health and wellbeing. We may believe our boundaries are under threat which of course threatens our wellbeing with Mars in here. Mars can act in haste so over-reaction can be the result. Neptune, ruler of Pisces is all about dissolving those boundaries. He’s calling on us to tap into compassion and see the inter-connectedness of all things. What are we defending ourselves against? Is there actually a real threat or is it just a fear with no substance we have constructed and we are having a knee-jerk reaction to it? We can see this being enacted out right now with the refugee crisis. Neptune is asking us to open up and see that if someone else is hurting – even if we don’t know them or they are in another part of the world, we are hurting. What affects one affects us all.

Mars opposition Neptune is all about acting with compassion with a mind towards oneness. Exclusion of others means we exclude ourselves. There’s also a secondary message here: what you resist, persists. Remember, resistance comes in many forms. Resistance can involve falling back on actions we have taken in the past that while they do not yield the results we want, we are trapped by them anyway because we cannot see there may be another way. Resistance means we block change on an individual and global level. Pisces and Neptune are all about taking a universal view on things that transcends borders and boundaries, but Mars in Virgo could keep us hanging on for grim death  because ‘That’s the way it’s always been’. Pisces is the 12th house of the zodiac and this rules the past, past lives, addictions and hidden enemies – in this case the energy can be the one within. Mars as the traditional ruler of Scorpio (the 8th house) rules fears. So, when you look at it this way you can see how we can be stuck and resist the call to move forward. However, don’t forget, our 8th house also rules transformation too.

The good news here is that Neptune is sitting in his own sign and Mars isn’t. So, we can say Neptune has the advantage here but he tends to work more subtly than Mars. Neptune links us to universal truth, wisdom and the power of intuition which can provide us with new solutions to old problems. This is however a call to let down boundaries, to feel compassion and connection for and to others, and above all, to know we have nothing to fear except ignorance and resisting soul growth. If we want to remain stuck, we’ll resist this call for universal action with compassion. If we want to evolve on every level we will see that strength lies in openness and vulnerability and by healing thoughts around this, we contribute to healing the collective soul wound too. Neptune is also retrograde when the opposition occurs indicating we are being offered another opportunity to take a big leap forward as a soul group.

The Mars/Neptune opposition is exact on October 6th but we will feel the energy build and see the issues gain more focus as they move into orb. Our best action – the path of least resistance and actions fuelled by beauty, love and compassion.


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