Your extra love magic this month as Venus, Jupiter and Mars conjunct!

This October we’re seeing another rare occurrence taking place in the sky as Venus, Mars and Jupiter all meet in earthly Virgo at the end of the month. All three will come within a tight one degree triangle of one another – we will be able to witness this just before dawn around the 28th but we will be able to see them moving closer in the lead-up to this – from the 18th in fact.

It’s not an understatement to say that for all of us, these three will have some love surprises in store for us depending on the house of our charts this makes place in. If you are Mutable sign – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, then you will most probably feel the effects more than others, but we can safely say this conjunction will link us all to the divine love goddess within and ‘big up’ love in our lives in one form or another. So, read my handy forecast for your sign and get ready to let the hot love flow!

Aries – Venus, Mars and Jupiter Conjunct in 6th


How well do you love your work? Some of you may find this conjunction brings a new work opportunity or with ruler Mars in the mix you won’t be willing to put up with a situation that doesn’t work any more – you will be set to change it. Love what you do? Then you have energy in abundance to do whatever needs to be done and make a fabulous impression while doing so. Your lifestyle could not go through a radical overhaul but if you have not taken care of yourself, then you may be faced with the consequences of this – remember, Mars rules inflammation, the blood and the head while Jupiter and Venus can have you not knowing when to say when! Overindulgence without thought of the possible consequences could catch up with you. That being said, romance is not only hot but highly spiritual, idealistic and could in fact be quite magical. Creative projects which you have tried to get off the ground in the past may now get an injection of newness that spells success.

Taurus – Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in 5th


Being Venus-ruled along with Libra expect this conjunction to get very personal. That big love is a strong possibility now. This all takes place in your house of romance, pleasure, fun, being noticed, children and creativity. This is a red-carpet event for you and you could even find yourself on it or in front of the cameras. Attracting a mate who is prominent in the media is also a possibility. It’s time however to be your own VIP and to act and treat yourself accordingly. Your sexual energy is about to burst through the roof and others will just gravitate towards that. If you are single you should have no trouble attracting more than one potential suitor. If you’re already coupled up this could be second honeymoon time. Expect to be singled out for success. Business or creative ventures could lead to that breakthrough, gala events beckon and some of you may find children playing a prominent part now. Due to your insane sexual aura right now the only caveat is to pay close attention to contraception unless you want a baby right now – don’t forget, Jupiter ‘bigs’ things up and that could just be you! Speaking your mind, showcasing your talents – this is your key to attracting all the attention you want – and possibly more. You’re irresistible. Work that love mojo!

Gemini – Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in 4th


Steer clear of too much flirting and make your intentions clear if you want to be taken seriously by either current or prospective lovers, Gemini. You’re a mutable sign so are one of them feeling this conjunction quite profoundly even though your ruler Mercury is not involved. It’s time to take love a little more seriously so ensure that your intentions can’t be misconstrued no matter how you mean things. Love shouldn’t be lightweight now – you should now you have to be all-in to win it. You are filled with passion and also have the ability to win others over to your point of view. You can channel this now into long term career plans, cement those big decisions and for some of you, this could literally be a moving experience as you exchange one home for something bigger and better. Above all, don’t come across as a lightweight in anything you attempt but most of all in love and dealing with people close to you. Flirt up a storm – but at the end of the day, send clear messages unless you want to receive some back that you won’t entirely like. If you have the courage to admit what you really want from your love life, then you’ll find all relationships whether business, family or personal flow so much better as a result. If you want something serious – admit this if only to yourself. If you’re not seeking that right now, ensure others know this. The real you is your key to loving with the personal touch.

Cancer – Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in 3rd


You may surprise everyone now by coming out of your shell or at least proving what you have always known – still waters run deep. Like next door sign of Gemini you may be unusually flirtatious but unlike those Twins, you may be more mindful of how you are directing it. Mars pushes you to show your interest now – whether it’s for someone, in response to an approach or even for that job. You could quite literally be fired up with ambition, plus you have the advantage of knowing exactly what it is you want. You feel the universe is sending green light signals to go for it and indeed it is. You can take a chance now in the knowledge that a calculated risk is likely to pay off. This is also a fabulous aspect under which to launch any kind of business or communication project – those ideas are likely to reach and resonate with a larger audience than you expected. Study, any kind of learning activity as well as travel is highlighted and any of these activities could also lead to romance if you are single. But as this is your 3rd house and rules your neighbourhood and your commute, don’t be surprised if love is found closer to your front door or your daily routine than you think. Fortune lies with the brave Cancerian. Make your winning move now.

Leo – Venus, Mars and Jupiter in 2nd


Venus is in her ruling house here and lady luck rules here. Mars could have you setting off in hot pursuit of what you deserve – physically, financially and emotionally. Is it enough as Jupiter says don’t short-change yourself on any level. Just don’t tip into ruthlessness when it comes to getting it, that’s all. Put your best Jimmy Choo glad foot forward and ensure you are creating the right impression to attract in what you deserve and also the right people in to your life. A prospective suitor who could be well off and also treasure you, is one possible pay-off for you now.  Jupiter can re-align you to your true soul values if you have lost track of these while Mars re-ignites lost confidence. How do you know if this has happened? Easy. You’re just not receiving what you deep down inside know you should – whether it’s personal and/or professional respect, or just your due as a unique soul. This has nothing to do with being egotistical or having an over-blown sense of entitlement. Your natural sense of justice knows when you are being short-changed.  With Mars in here you are sultry, highly charged and highly sexy and want to express this – again, look carefully if you have no outlet. Have you attracted people who don’t value you? Realign your inner values. Although people may see you as lucky now, don’t sell yourself short in any situation. That’s your winning formula when it comes to ‘luck’.

Virgo – Venus, Mars and Jupiter in 1st


If you feel this conjunction is all about you – you’re correct. You may feel an exciting new phase is opening up for you – and also you may feel empowered to an extend you’ve not experienced for quite some time. There’s a real touch of glamour about you now and this may be enhanced by you indulging in an image overhaul or make-over. You are dressing to impress and what an impression you are making! You’re radiating showbusiness glam with a dash of star quality thrown in. It’s time to be a new, more gorgeous version of you and to integrate that for the long term. Experiment with different looks, hair, make-up. The thing is, it’s time for the outer you to reflect some big inner changes that have been going on. You may surprise yourself by gravitating towards a look, a colour or a design you would previously have totally ignored or not dreamed of wearing – and loving it! The thing is, other people are loving it too as you will start to attract new people and new possibilities along with them. Above all, do not be your old self as you need to send out a new signal and a new vibration no matter who or what it is you seek to attract. Do you want more of the same or something new? You’re new on some level so showcase that new side of you and expect a new love or new opportunity to be the result.

Libra – Venus, Mars and Jupiter in 12th


With ruler Venus in your 12th you are looking deep into issues – especially around trust. Who can you trust? Who has let you down in the past and in doing so played a pivotal role in determining how you trust today? If you don’t have trust in common, then you have nothing. Without trust there is no relationship. Trust begins with ourselves and the key thing here is that if someone proves themselves unworthy of our trust then our trust is not only destroyed with that person but with ourselves – as we doubt our ability to make good choices. Don’t be surprised if something occurs that brings up issues around this as Mars is also all about boundaries (trust issues being a big breach of these). Your 12th is not so much about material gains but spiritual ones which can come in the form of healing those wounds which allows us to let abundance flow once more, and also inspired creative ideas. However, Jupiter has a say here in that you could be off on a spiritual or actual learning journey – perhaps to somewhere you have been in the past. And while Venus in your 12th is usually more about compassion, empathy and spiritual love, however this is the house of past lives, past loves and soul contracts. If one is outstanding or there is unfinished business between you and someone – they could now appear. When it comes to dreams – you should see you have them for a reason. Chances are if someone connects with you – even if it is for the first time in this lifetime, they may have turned up to make that fantasy real.

Scorpio – Venus, Mars and Jupiter in 11th

Make three wishes – and perhaps make another one just for the hell of it. This is your house of goals and Venus and Jupiter are the planets who just want to say ‘Yes’ to you on some level. Ancient ruler Mars is caught up in this so chances are there is a great deal of passion attached to whatever it is you are wishing for! Yes, I am talking that person or thing you are lusting after. Ensure you are committed body and soul to having it and of course, that it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s karma. You may have a genie on your side with these three but the usual rules about genies applies which is you can’t make somebody love you. You can wish for love however – the red hot kind, and you’ve got a wonderful opportunity to attract that via your extended circle or while our socialising. Whatever it is you are wishing for, be sure to tell others about it. Planets work either through the attraction vibration (you radiate a certain energy which draws people and events on the same wavelength into your orbit) or else they work via people. Ensure however that you have looked at your wish from every possible angle and been extremely specific about it. The planets will deliver exactly what you ask for and usually they like to do that and then sit back and have a good laugh at our expensive. Fabulous friends can also be made now – perhaps unusual ones or those with overseas or overseas connections. Live big, live large and make a wish.

Sagittarius – Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in 10th


Let’s get serious as ruler Jupiter shines on long term career ambitions and breakthroughs now. It’s time to cement your reputation and harvest rewards for long term efforts. Aim for the corner office or the penthouse – remember, there’s always room at the top. Conduct yourself professionally and Venus says it’s time to ensure your professional image is up to scratch. Even if you work in a casual or creative profession that doesn’t require power dressing, you can still ensure you are smart and come across as knowing your business. However, invest dressing would not go amiss for any Sag now – be it that tailored suit or freshly pressed jeans – yes, Sag – even cowboys starch their jeans for the rodeo! Invest in yourself, your talents and your future career path. Mars fires up the thirst for success and you have drive and determination in excess to get where you are going. Venus ensures you will remain diplomatic and not tread on anyone’s toes while doing so. This is a time for breakthroughs and to make incredible inroads to those career ambitions, for aiming high and for thinking in the long term. Love? You may surprise even yourself by lusting after someone who may seem conventional at first but then you discover they have the heart of an explorer or rockstar (or both). Thing is – the lust is reciprocated. Let your heart and your talents take you to the top now.

Capricorn – Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in 9th

Jupiter is in his ruling house here so we can say he holds sway over the others. Time to broaden those horizons in some way now. You may be changing your beliefs, your religion, your friends and your path. Do you know where you want to get to and above all, who you want to get there with or else find at the end of your journey. Plan for that trip of a lifetime or of learning now. The mass media, publishing – these should be open books to you now if you have ambitions in those directions. Love could come from far away or have overseas connections. This is also a wonderful time to study any topic including metaphysics, the law or philosophy. Your karmic path is opening up as are the people on it who are here to teach you something – perhaps about love or the fact that you need to take a wider view of the world. Above all, its not a time for limitations of any kind and luckily for you, Mars will do his work here and shove you out of your comfort zone if you hesitate too long as well as lending you confidence and creativity. Set a course towards whatever, wherever or whoever it is you love. Passion? Don’t leave home without it. If you have lukewarm or tepid feelings about something or even someone, this is a sign you need to seek something that makes your heart beat faster instead. Become your own inner (and outer) adventurer.

Aquarius – Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in 8th


You’ve got the power to change your life and the lives of those you touch now, Aquarius. Jupiter in your 8th can mean a legacy coming your way – but obviously this does not happen every time Jupiter transits our 8th house. However, this is a possibility as is someone putting their resources at your disposal or you receiving a salary increase, payout or other sum. Mars sits in his ruling house in your chart here and dare I even go there but this is your house of sex and desires (acknowledged and unacknowledged). Venus just amps up the lust factor and Jupiter – well, he just supersizes everything. The result? You are sex on the proverbial stick now. If you have no partner it is highly likely you will attract someone who offers a walk on the wild side. I am not promising anything lasting – but you will be changed by it – and change the other person too. So its likely to be something you never forget. If you are coupled up just ensure that your partner can keep up with you now! If your boundaries need shoring up – Mars assists in re-instating them and Venus can ensure you do it in a way where you make your point but in a way that doesn’t put others out. If you have no-one to call your own, channel your energies into ambitions and money making opportunities and understand you have the power and whatever you need to get what you want, and make the changes you want in your life happen now.

Pisces – Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in 7th


Love should be more than just in the air for you now, Pisces as once-in-12-year aspects light up your sector of partnerships and lasting love. What kind of partnership are you seeking? Mars sets you on course and taking the initiative to look for it while Jupiter says don’t settle for anything less than the real deal. Have you been guilty of doing that in the past? Venus rules the roost here as this is her ruling house in your chart. Romance that begins now has lasting potential for you and if you are already seeing someone you should see the connection deepen and move on to the next phase. Joint ventures of all kinds are favoured and this includes business and collaborative connections. This is not a time to go it alone and you’ll discover all kinds of benefits by hooking up with someone no matter what area of life this is in – this includes finding an activity partner or even asking a friend to join you in something. Double your pleasure, double your fun now. If you do invite someone new into your life – or someone existing to join you in something the two of you can get involved in, please do not fall into the trap of criticising them, their intentions or their contribution at the outset, as you can end up derailing something worthwhile. Likewise with existing unions, if you are dissatisfied just ensure you are not throwing the baby out with the bathwater before calling it a day. I am not for one moment advocating anyone stay with someone who is abusive or toxic, but ensure that little niggles we all have with our partners are not being blown up out of proportion. If however, a split is now inevitable, the good news is that this line-up should enable you to exit with minimum hard feelings. What’s more – you probably won’t be flying solo for too long.






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