Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 19

22nd – Mercury/Juno conjunct in Libra

23rd – Sun enters Scorpio

25th – Venus and Jupiter Conjunction in Virgo (Will be visible within 1 degree of each other in the early morning sky, just before sunrise)

  • If love ain’t large – it ain’t real!
  • Cooperation, balance and commitment rule
  • Happy birthday, Scorpio!

Love is in the air quite literally this week as Mercury planet of communication meets Juno ruler of marriages – that includes those of the mind and soul as well as the actual kind, in Libra, the sign of partnership and balance on the 22nd. Cooperation, commitment and conciliation could be the hot topics of conversation now. Happy birthday to all the phoenixes rising out there to celebrate their solar returns as the Sun enters oh-so-sexy Scorpio on the 23rd turning the love talk from rosy romance to a decidedly hot and blue hue. The nights may be getting colder but the fires burn hot inside! With so much going on in their 11th house now, most Scorpios can be saying many happy returns to a bigger, more satisfying social life, amazing ahead of the curve ideas that may just be life-changing, opportunities for travel and connect to new and amazing people and yes, three wishes granted (well, one at the very least!).

It’s not only love but big beautiful love shining down on us all and connecting us to the divine god or goddess in all of us as earth and sky magic meet when Jupiter and Venus collide in Virgo on the 25th. If love ain’t of the large kind, then it’s too insignificant to matter. Have you been settling for love crumbs instead of the whole, delicious whoopee love pie? Don’t settle for less now whether it’s self-love or love for someone or even something else. If you can’t love yourself – how the hell are you going to love somebody else? Love every aspect of your life – whether you are flying solo or a duo because the more love you feel you have, the more you get. Awomen to that!



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