Jumping to Conclusions? You May Have A Fast Moon!

I love astrology not just because of its ability to indicate the type of life cycles and events we experience, but also as a tool for understanding who we are and why we think the way we do. Do you need time to digest all the information before making up your mind or do you jump right in to that conclusion (and other not-so-nice-smelling-stuff!) before someone has even finished speaking? The reason can be not just the position of the Moon in your chart – but how fast she was moving at the time!

Most of us know which sign the Moon was in on the day we were born. Whether or not you are a careful, calculated thinker or a instant assessor of situations (whether you are correct or not!) depends on the ‘speed’ the Moon was going at the time (or day) you were born. So, we have Fast Moon types and Slow Moon types. To find out which Moon is yours, you don’t need your time of birth so don’t worry if you don’t have it. You do need your birthchart of the day you were born however and access to an ephemeris which can be found on line.

Four Easy Steps To Discover Your Moon Style:

1: Note the position of the Moon the day you were born. You don’t even need to punch up your chart for this – just look at your DOB on the ephemeris as it will show the sign and the degree the Moon was at.

2: Now – look in the ephemeris where the Moon was the day BEFORE you were born. What sign and degree was she? Was she already in your sign or the one before?

3: Make a note of the degree the Moon was the day before you were born and then the degree she was on your birthdate. How many degrees did she move between the two days?

4: The average daily speed of the Moon is 13 degrees 10 minutes. If the Moon moved less than this, we say you have a slow Moon, if she moved more, then this is known as a fast Moon.

Slow Moon people need time to take things in and process the information. They then act on this when they think it is the right time and won’t be hurried. This does not guarantee their conclusions are accurate – but it is the way they think. Understanding their process helps us to understand friends, family members, partners and co-workers who think this way!

Fast Moon people form a quick assessment of something and jump to a conclusion often before they have all the facts in front of them. They are likely to interrupt people when they are speaking with ‘I know this!’. They will act quickly and decisively but again, there is no guarantee they are right – or wrong any more frequently than slow Moon types.

Remember, with astrology there is no ‘better than’. The Moon describes our emotions and in this instance how we process the information we are given emotionally. But understanding how the Moon’s speed at the time we are born can influence this, goes a long way towards both Slow and Fast Moon personalities being able to work with the speed of thought in their lives!




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