Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 16


17th – Sun/Mercury conjunct in Scorpio

19th – Neptune direct in Pisces

20th – Mercury enters Sagittarius

  • News demands we don’t look away
  • Turn your dark side to the light
  • Take down the invisible barriers

Deeply psyche-stirring news may transform or push buttons when it comes to our deepest fears lurking in the dark this week as the Sun and Mercury meet in Scorpio. On a personal and collective level this throws a light on our shadow side, the ‘unloved’ child aspect of ourselves but which when integrated gives us our power. It can be confronting and often unpleasant to look at this which is why of course, people prefer not to. So, we can just opt not to look and go deeper but instead run to what we think is the relative safety of delusion and/or denial. We can choose which one we take this week as Neptune heading direct again in Pisces can lure us into accepting what we think is a relatively safe harbour of ignoring what is going on outside its walls. The trouble is, we not only delay the inevitable, but energy demands expression. It will therefore burst out either in an unexpected way or return magnified at a later date in such proportions we will then be unable to look away.  It is our decision which path we opt for but from the truth, there can never be anywhere to hide from it forever.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 20th and this is the sign of expansion and higher learning as well as the law, philosophy, our beliefs, long distance journeys and foreigners. Expect these issues to be featured in the news or for you personally if you work in or are connected to these areas in any way. If we’ve ignored what we have learned, or if our belief systems need an adjustment now – especially when it comes to people far away or what prevents us from expanding our point of view, we can expect more than a reminder. One thing Neptune can remind us of is that barriers of the mind are invisible and nothing separates us from one another. We are all one. We’re on one small planet and our thoughts need to embrace the whole now. You’ve probably seen the internet meme doing the rounds about the Christian, the Jew, the Muslim and the pagan all going for coffee – and having a very good time. That’s what Mercury in Sagittarius is and should be, all about.


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