Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 30

3rd – Vesta enters Aries

5th – Venus enters Scorpio

  • Go for the slow burn
  • Time to re-charge and focus your energy
  • Guilty or guilt-free pleasures? You decide!

Let’s talk potent but small bodies this week and one of these is certainly the planetoid Vesta. She enters all-action and fiery Aries on December 3rd and even the most outgoing of us may discover a sudden need to re-charge our batteries and withdraw for a bit. Here’s another thing about Vesta – she has a smouldering, slow burn effect on our sex drive – a domestic goddess feel of silk lingerie and chocolate body paint! Along with Venus now entering Scorpio – sign of sex and transformation, who knows what may be cooked up that starts in the kitchen and ends in the bedroom! These two are cooking up a recipe for contained and possibly sustained passion. However, Venus is also in the house of our fears, obsessions and forbidden fruit! Strawberries dipped in chocolate body paint? Venus says indulge yourself but also in Scorpio she may stir up those inhibitions around sex and expressing the sexual side of your nature. Time to see these for what they are and ensure that the only hang-ups in your life are pictures on your walls.

Vesta however may exert enough influence that you don’t give away to temptation – well, not all the way anyway. Vesta can also help us to focus our energy into a key area – be it the need to take better care of ourselves, the need for ‘me’ time or yes, the need for sharing yourself with another. But if you have issues around opening up to pleasure – and that includes sometimes the sheer pleasure of solitude and down-time, this week offers you the opportunity for some guilt-free exploration. Enjoy.


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