Weekly General Astrology Forecast December 7

8th- Sun trine Uranus

10th – Mercury enters Capricorn

11th – New Moon in Sagittarius

  • Your word is your bond now
  • Don’t promise more than you can deliver
  • Take the first step on a new learning journey

The Sun trines Uranus on the 8th and it is a powerful event. It’s time to strut your unique stuff and become your own Lady Gaga. This incredible trine awakens us to our individual importance and power but in a spiritual way. Our energy lights up others and is contagious. What is your true voice? What has your soul got to say? You have the confidence to be who you are and not just this week but for eternity. Allow Sun trine Uranus to give you a boost and to allow you to know that you are just as special as anyone else. Your inner calling is coming out to play.

As well as that say what you mean and mean what you say this week as Mercury heads into Capricorn. Mercury loses some of his lightness and swiftness in here, but he enables us to weigh up what we say and think about the consequences. Communicating becomes a serious business and we will all be asked to be as good as our word as our reputations will rest on this. Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver. Don’t big-note yourself but don’t undersell yourself either. Be clear about your intentions and craft what you say. Words are magic, words are spells we can weave. They can hurt or they can heal. The words you choose now have the power to build something so ask yourself what that is? That is the gift of Mercury in Capricorn. Our communications have lasting consequences. If you are unsure – don’t say anything at all and revel in the power of silence as this too is Mercury in Capricorn.

The 11th sees a freedom-enhancing new Moon appear in Sagittarius, the sign of the travelling philosopher. This could mark the first step we take on a new journey of learning and discovery. To find out which direction yours may take you, read the forecast for your sign as well as your rising sign and Moon sign if you know them. Life is a constant learning process. This new Moon says it is time to expand your knowledge and experiences. Live the journey and remember – the journey is always the goal.


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