Bringing Worlds Together: The January 2016 Planetary Alignment

This January sees an extremely rare event take place in the sky – five planets will be visible in the sky at the same time from January 20. We won’t need a telescope as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be clearly visible in the sky before dawn and this has not occurred since January 2005!

While the five planets will be visible close to one another in the sky for around a month, they do of course occupy different zodiac signs and different houses in our charts so from an astrological perspective, how we experience this energy on a personal level will depend on what houses these planets occupy and also whether they aspect any of the planets in our natal charts.

As of January 20, here is where they are:

Mercury – Retrograde in Capricorn at 17 degrees. Direct in Capricorn on January 26

Venus – In Sagittarius at 25 degrees. Will enter Capricorn on January 24

Mars – In Scorpio at 9 degrees

Jupiter – Retrograde in Virgo at 23 degrees

Saturn – In Sagittarius at 13 degrees

This light show in the sky will last approximately a month until approximately February 20. So, how will they have changed by then?

Mercury – 8 degrees of Aquarius

Venus – 4 degrees of Aquarius

Mars – 24 degrees of Scorpio

Jupiter – Retrograde at 20 degrees of Virgo

Saturn – 15 degrees of Sagittarius

With Jupiter remaining retrograde, many of us may be asked to apply what we have learned in the past to specific situations. But with Mercury and Venus in Aquarius the chances of us all evolving to the point where we can utilise our knowledge for wonderful new outcomes is very high indeed.

What’s more, the wonderful news is that we won’t have to wait another decade to witness another planetary alignment like this. The next five planet gathering occurs in August 2016!