General Weekly Astrology Forecast February 8


8th – New Moon in Aquarius – Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey

10th – Venus in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Virgo

13th – Mercury direct re-enters Aquarius

  • Out of this world ideas become reality
  • Can we create Utopia?
  • Welcome in the Year of the Fire Monkey!

Welcome in the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey along with the new Moon in Aquarius on the 8th. This Monkey is bursting with new and original ideas which will be centered around improving life experiences. When he’s joined by Mercury who re-enters Aquarius after his retrograde phase on the 13th, expect an explosion of innovative thinking but the message here is of course, don’t just think it – make it real! Can we create Utopia? Well, the building blocks are within us all so we have to build our own inner one before we can expect to see one come into being in the outer world. The paradox is it is both an individual and a collective task.

A fabulous angle occurs this week between the two benefics – Venus and Jupiter which merely add to the god vibes of the week. Some of us could really see the realisation of something we have been working towards now. Those ideas are now blessed with potential. Let those of others inspire you to do something with yours this week!