Year of the Fire Monkey 2016!

Throughout Asia and into the Western world, February 8 marks the start of the Chinese New Year – in this case the Year of the Fire Monkey. Chinese astrology is an important influence in our lives, and usually we all check out our Chinese horoscope for the year to see what it holds for us. Most of us are usually well aware of what year we were born in. But many of us don’t realise how Chinese signs correspond with our western horoscope.

Every year has its own animal sign which gives us the ‘vibe’ for the upcoming year. It makes sense that each sign has its own energy just as our signs do. For example, we all understand that Gemini energy is fast-moving and quick whereas Capricorn energy is slower and takes it’s time. Chinese astrology is no different. With a Monkey year we are looking at links with the sign of Gemini but a Fire Monkey year is about change, being ahead of the trend. It is also about hard work yet massive rewards coming from this. We could be overwhelmed by ideas and it may be difficult to know where to channel our energy but also we are set to have fun while we work this out! So, deciding on what our priorities are and sticking to them may be what we have to learn in 2016. For those of you who want to know which Chinese astrological sign corresponds to your Sun sign – here they are:

Western Sign: Aries. Chinese Sign: Dog

Western Sign: Taurus. Chinese Sign: Rooster

Western Sign: Gemini. Chinese Sign: Monkey

Western Sign: Cancer. Chinese Sign: Goat

Western Sign: Leo. Chinese Sign: Horse

Western Sign: Virgo. Chinese Sign: Snake

Western Sign: Libra. Chinese Sign: Dragon

Western Sign: Scorpio. Chinese Sign: Rabbit

Western Sign: Sagittarius. Chinese Sign: Tiger

Western Sign: Capricorn. Chinese Sign: Ox

Western Sign: Aquarius. Chinese Sign: Rat

Western Sign: Pisces. Chinese Sign: Pig

So, if the Chinese year also corresponds to the Chinese ruler of your Western sign, no matter whether you were born in that Chinese year or not, you will find the influences especially powerful – double the effect if you like so this year Geminis can expect to take full advantage of that Monkey magic!

Don’t forget to read my Chinese Astrology Forecasts for the Year of the Monkey on the site and may all of you step into a whole new world and way of thinking that this year promises!