Your Chinese Astrology Forecast for the Year of the Fire Monkey!

The new Moon in Aquarius on February 8 ushers in the exciting and quick-witted Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey. Themes for the year will be innovation, exciting new ideas and this Fire Monkey is all about having fun! So, what does this mean for your Chinese Astrological sign? Read your Chinese astrological forecast and find out!

If you were born in the Year of the Monkey: You’re totally attuned to the energy of this year! Think about happy, fun loving monkeys enjoying themselves picking fruit off the trees and translate that image into the equivalent in your own life and this will give you some idea of what this year has in store for you! All people born under the sign of the Monkey are sociable and this should be a good year for making new friends and getting out and about enjoying yourself. Accept support for your ideas from others around you to make the most of the many opportunities that will present themselves this year – especially if you have lots of ideas but are unsure which one to focus on. Others can help you decide on this and keep you on the path. Otherwise you may scatter your energy and miss out on the success this year wants to deliver. This is predominately a year of fun where you should see yourself reach certain goals and have something to celebrate. As regards romance any potential suitors will need to keep up with you but the good news is they may be successful on some level or even well-to-do! Enjoy monkeying around in 2016!

If you were born in the Year of the Rooster: This is your year when it comes to career matters and you have a green light to go for it. Stretch yourself and aim for success. If you get to travel for work this year or do business with those overseas, then you could be looking at even bigger successes or unlooked for benefits flowing from this. Bear in mind that you may have to put in some extra effort as what you want won’t just fall into your lap but going the extra mile in terms of the work you put in or even literally as in looking for a job or clients further afield, will reap rewards in the end. Traditionally, this Fire Monkey year is not particularly associated with expansion around either love or family but rather it is about leveraging what you already heave to add to your overall happiness. So, don’t chase after love. It will either find you or your focus is elsewhere now.

If you were born in the Year of the Dog: This year abounds with opportunities for friendly dogs and you’ll find that being just that opens as many doors for you as hard work and talent! You should have no problems achieving a work-related goal this year and home and family matters will also be a top priority for you. You’ll feel the need for recognition or to stand out from the crowd in some way and this year should bring at least one opportunity to do just that! A lover who wants to appreciate and nurture you could be one bonus especially if you have felt you have not received the emotional support you have needed in the past. Artistic and creative ventures of any kind are you ticket to success and if you network or market yourself or your business you should find there are many out there who flock to you – and what you have to offer in 2016.

If you were born in the Year of the Goat: You may have some course correcting to do especially if last year did not bring you the rewards you had hoped for. Chances are if this is the case you have strayed from your path. Get back on track now as that path contains success and happiness. This coming year promises to be busier than the last so meet the challenges as they are designed to set your feet on higher ground. You may also have spend too much time worrying this past year. 2016 invites you to stop that – fix what you can ix and what you can’t fix – just stop worrying about it. You may have lost your way through trying to control things you have no power over so don’t send any more energy that way! A lover could appear who wants to support you – and that includes supporting any creative or business ideas you may have. They could just be a bit in awe of your talents – but then as you get back on your path and do what you are best at, so could a lot of other people.

If you were born in the Year of the Horse: Not a year for caution but a year to soar over fences you’ve seen as obstacles or too high in the past. Take a risk but make it a calculated one and stretch yourself.  It’s a year for adrenalin-pumping excitement and a wild ride. And above all, of having the confidence to know that you can do it! The only warning I have to give you is that this year could see you attract needy people or those who giving just isn’t 50/50. Others may just want to bask in your light so please choose your companions wisely as the wrong kind will leave you drained and drag you down. You are instinctively drawn to the finer things of life which can often put a strain on your budget and this year is no exception. You’ll rationalise all of it as ‘investing in your image’ however! You should be on the receiving end of a lucky break in either business or romance so I am certain that ‘investment’ will prove worth it.

If you were born in the Year of the Snake: Take any opportunity to travel or meet new people this year as there’s a need to escape any rut you may have dug for yourself or just achieve a wider perspective. New experiences will enrich you now and new people, perhaps even of the romantic persuasion, enrich those experiences and open the way for new ones. This is a year that allows you to build on what you have achieved in the past. Prospective lovers have the intelligence you crave plus a certain understated elegance that you adore. They could mirror you in many ways. However, avoid spending too much time with family members that you don’t see eye to eye with as arguments (or more arguments than usual) are likely. If you allow yourself to get dragged into this other areas of your life will suffer as a result. Your skin may reflect any inner tensions so pay close attention to allergies and rashes. It could be that someone has literally got ‘under your skin’ or ‘rubbed you up the wrong way’. Seek medical attention but it may be you have to distance yourself from whatever is making you scratchy.

If you were born in the Year of the Dragon: There’s no keeping a dragon in the background. For one thing they are too big and for another, well – they breathe fire. Have you been feeling you have been cast in a supporting role in someone else’s production rather than starring in your own? If so, this year will set that right. This is also an outstanding year for romance so it is important to stand out and be seen. This may mean no only escaping from a situation where you are not given enough credit but may also require you to upgrade your image and start to look like a leading lady or leading man again if being consigned to the wings has made you neglect this of late. No matter which area of life you are focussed on – see yourself as the star not anyone else. Act like a star and you’ll attract another one to shine with. Above all, although love is your top priority, don’t neglect career matters as here too, you have an opportunity for a breakthrough moment.

If you were born in the Year of the Rabbit: This is a great year for Rabbits who work in any kind of profession that deals with philosophy, matters of the spirit, religion, healing, learning and the law. In general however, Rabbits can expect fantastic progress if they can keep up with the pace this year promises which may be hard sometimes as Rabbits do not have a lot of affinity with Monkey years. However, exciting changes lie ahead and if you take advantage of these you could be enjoying a new kind of success and satisfaction. More than one offer may be on the table now and if so, you need to think things through carefully. Time will be in focus as sometimes it may seem the year is racing away with you and at other times it will appear to drag with no progress happening. It’s a year to get noticed however especially on the romantic front and anything that begins could get very serious. Working or connecting with older people will bring you benefits. Experience is the key – your own, and tapping in to other people’s.

If you were born in the Year of the Tiger: Be very focussed and structured when it comes to your work this year. You may even end up doing more than one job and if this is the case, you will need to stay organised. Getting out and about, meeting as many people as possible, are your keys to success this year. If you have any outstanding projects, finish them off now and they could yield amazing results. If you focus and get things done in the right order then you should attain the success you’ve been working so hard towards. Love is also in the air now so make time from your schedule to allow it to develop. This is one of those years where you may overspend – Snakes are also prone to this in a Monkey year. Above all, avoid spending too much time alone as this could result in a few problems. Creative projects, family, loved ones, children and pursuing activities that you are passionate about, will all help neutralise any negative emotional bouts so focus your energy towards one or more of these if you feel yourself becoming depressed or despondent.

If you were born in the Year of the Ox: The Year of the Monkey could see your main focus being with your career. Your initiative and enterprising talents come to the fore and this is a good year to think about setting up your own business or else marketing yourself to employers better than you have done in the past. You attract people in positions of influence who can help you with your career or business plans and you are set to impress with your skills. This should be a much better year than 2015, as Monkey energy sits much better with yours so except to put any battles or struggles behind you. There may be challenges in the first part of the year but nothing you can’t handle and the second half should see you in cruise control. Money should not be an issue with more coming in and you need to look to investing any extra cash for your future. It is a year to showcase all you have to offer and not just on a professional level but on a personal one too. Someone could arrive that instinctively just seems to ‘get’ you. That’s good as chances are by now you are fed-up with explaining to others what it is you need.

If you were born in the Year of the Rat: This could well be a year of abundance for you where you get to experience the good things life has to offer. Just don’t become so focussed on work and career goals that you neglect your relationships. Keep things in balance and you could experience one of the best years you have had for a very long time. Success with work, satisfaction in relationships – with perhaps the start of something new and exciting on the romance front if you are single, as well as children featuring, make this the year where you can kick back and enjoy yourself. Yes, a certain amount of work may have to be put in with regards your job, but it’s up to you to make the choice whether this is excessive or not as bosses and those in positions of authority, will show their appreciation of your efforts. The rewards are likely to be financial with more money at your disposal this year. You should get to try your hand at anything you want this year – so don’t limit yourself to what that could be.

If you were born in the Year of the Pig: Group energy and collaborative ventures are your key to success in the Year of the Monkey. Monkey years can be good for Pigs but connecting and participating are necessary to maximise the opportunities around you. This is not a year for ‘going it alone’ and all ventures sooner or later need others to turn them into a reality. Books need publishers, solo businesses need ways of interacting with potential customers, artists need exhibition space and none of this gets done without others. Resist any tendency to withdraw, shut down or be a hermit! The universe and Monkey magic wants you to experience the Power of Two, or Three, or Four – or even more; and going it alone is not an option or way to achievement. If you feel that the love you are showing someone in an existing relationship has become one-sided you need to address this one way or another. And if you’re single, take things slowly and ensure you are not the one doing all the giving and the other side doesn’t reciprocate.