Hack Your Planet! Aries: 7 Simple Steps for Life Success

Aries ruler is the fiery Mars – the planet of action, boldness and assertiveness. So if you are an Aries or have Aries rising, you are ruled by Mars.

How can you channel your Mars for best effect? Follow these simple hacks and get him forging your path to success as your warrior partner and protector – which is Mars’s energy at his best!

¶ Mars is all about leadership but he is also your champion. You will usually jump quickly to the defence of others but do you do this for yourself? You have to learn where the boundaries are. Mars will assist you in strengthening these and also to treat yourself the same as you do those you care for.

¶ Trust your gut. Although others may say you are impulsive, 99% of the time your first reaction will be the correct one.

¶ Express, don’t repress your energy. Mars makes certain you have strong, passionate feelings. If these are denied their outlet you will end up expressing them in unexpected and usually negative ways. The trick with Mars is to know where to channel them in order to avoid this. We can’t just go around saying or doing whatever we feel like and sometimes we meet obstacles or a ‘No’. As Mars is about boundaries this means respecting those of others as well as your own. If say, you meet with disappointment in your love life, channel that passion into a creative project or business venture instead. Get outdoors and blow off steam with a sport or other physical activity. Mature Mars knows the energy has to go somewhere – and can pick and choose where.

¶ Cultivate a relationship with animals. Mars has long been associated with animals and animals are usually drawn to those with strong Mars energy as they ‘read’ its protective aspects. Even if you live in a city and have no pets, you can meet and befriend people walking their dogs in the park, pet that cat on the way to work or even volunteer at an animal shelter. If you explore a relationship with animals, you will find your life changing in wonderful and unexpected ways.

¶ Get set for success! Mars enables you to focus your energy like a general on reaching a specific goal. What’s more, he gives you the stamina and determination to stay the course. Once you are focussed on an outcome and take action towards it, Mars will not allow you to be derailed.

¶ Know when to be vulnerable to get the love you need. There’s a saying: In your vulnerability lies your strength. If you are Mars-ruled it can be very hard to let people see your softer side or even to ask for help. But letting down the barriers not only makes your stronger but brings you the closeness that you crave.

¶ Heal a Wounded Mars. Sadly, no matter how strong we are, not all of us have happy childhoods or experiences. Mars is there to defend us and when he can’t and our boundaries are breached at a time when we are defenceless, or by those who were entrusted with our care, what results is a wounded Mars. Typical symptoms of this are an inability to control our tempers, flying off the handle for no good reason, refusing to accept help and dismissing those who do as ‘weak’, addiction and self-harming which is Mars anger turned back on ourselves. Remember what I said about how Mars energy must have an outlet? If you believe that you are carrying a wounded Mars, if it is too difficult for you to ask for help for yourself via therapy or a support group, one proven way of healing this Mars is to go help others. A wounded Mars Vietnam vet with severe PTSD refused all counselling and help and had problems with addiction, anger and dismissing those who sought help as ‘pussies’. He was healed when a friend asked him to return to Vietnam and help in a program to re-build ruined temples. By channelling Mars energy into physical action that helped others, it was transformed. Don’t let a wounded Mars prevent you from living your warrior goddess or god potential to the full!