Harness the Power of Your Money Planets – Libra

Your Money Planets – Libra

When it comes to money we’ve all got planets working for – and against us. Check out your astrological financial profile for your sign to make the most of your ability to attract and make that stuff which makes the material world go around – money.

Librans are usually born with an innate sense of style and appreciation of money. From an early age they realise that money buys them lots of pretty things. Top of the list for Librans as they are Venus ruled is of course the wardrobe crammed full of gorgeous clothes and this is closely followed by the beautiful home and the classic, head-turning car. For Librans, the goal is the things that money can buy – not the money in itself. Money also represents escape or insulation from things that Librans find deeply offensive – ugliness, squalor and bad taste. The most financially challenged Libran will usually manage to live with some kind of style. Love rather than money fuels the Libran life journey, but they remain well aware that while money doesn’t buy love it can certainly buy the things associated with it such as champagne, roses, jewellery and first class trips to romantic destinations.

Librans often find it difficult to stay within their budgets due to their intense love of beautiful things. This can range from beautifying themselves to beautifying their homes. If any sign of the zodiac is prone to hoarding anything from lipsticks to shoes, it’s Libra. Despite being the sign of balance, sometimes a Librans spending habits are anything but. If a Libran is unable to find the love they seek via a relationship they are likely to compensate by over-spending.

Libra is an air sign but is ruled by Venus which shares the rulership of their money zone with transformational Pluto. Libra therefore has the ability to transcend even the most dire financial situations simply by visualising an alternative with as much detail as their imaginations can muster. They will therefore gain a feeling of empowerment by manifesting their goals. Highly creative, Librans do best at careers where they are allowed to work with beautiful things.

When it comes to decisions about finance however, they can waver and Librans need to develop confidence when it comes to making the right choice. They can also make hasty purchases and regret them afterwards – especially when the purchase turns out not to be the quality item they were expecting. It pays Librans to take their time and try things on or out several times and to avoid impulsive buys they can’t return if disappointed. However, they are usually adept at finding a bargain from designer clothing to homes.

If you’re a Libran with a closest full of almost identical shoes and drawers full of make-up in the same shades who is unable to make ends meet then you need to cut up those cards and concentrate on self-love rather than self-indulgence. Lack of love in your life will cause you to over-spend but you need to understand that you can only attract the love you so desperately desire when you love yourself unconditionally first (and that includes forgiving yourself for any shopaholic traits!). Visualise yourself surrounded by love and support – even if it’s not the romantic kind but of family, friends, colleagues and even pets. You’ll not only find love is all around you but that your spending habits change and your bank account reflects this.

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