Weekly General Astrology Forecast April 4

5th – Venus enters Aries

5th – Mercury enters Taurus

7th – New Supermoon in Aries

9th – Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries

  • Back up actions with love
  • Experience the material world from a spiritual standpoint
  • Get ready to ride the rollercoaster!
  • Be a warrior of love for yourself.

Surprise results occur when we act with love this week as Venus heats up our passion as she enters vibrant Aries. The same day Mercury puts us in touch with material and sensual power as he arrives in Taurus. There’s talk about feasting and canoodling with those we love. Financial news dominates as could understanding what money buys us – if you think of just ‘things’ you’re in for a surprise.  The time has come to experience all the world has to offer and that includes the good things of life which should be heading our way.

We are all be compelled to take action along a new path as the new Supermoon in Aries on the 7th happily shoves us towards change and release. We awaken our love warrior within and that includes realising we are worth it and that sometimes we have to fight for ourselves as well as others. So what do you want to change? Hark the call of the wild. Let the enchantment of positive Aries energy fearlessly dance you towards your dreams.

The New Supermoon in Aries is a vortex of change and transformation. This is the astrological New Year, Aries is the eager baby of the zodiac and is helping us reconnect to our spontaneous and optimistic wild side. New Moon let’s us chuck away shadows and past patterns we no longer need, it hurls us into the next phase of life and shifts our vibration a gear. This is a Supermoon so it is super charged. Life begins afresh and your enthusiasm knows no bounds. Rock your stuff and be true to yourself.

The Sun meets Uranus – planet of surprises and thrills in Aries on the 9th and here is where we need to embrace the idea that when we act with love, we will get the result we need rather than the one we expect. A stroke of genius could strike. Events could take on a life of their own with unexpected twists and turns but ultimately, we end up where we are supposed to be with perhaps a solution that suits us so much better than the one we envisaged. Uranus tells us to embrace something different and then surrender to the ride and let go. Uranus is all about strutting your unique stuff and Aries energy gives us the courage to do it. The thing about adventures is unlike a ride at Disneyland you can’t control the outcome but that’s the exciting bit! Jump on and enjoy the ride and everything you experience along with way this week.