general astrology forecast May 2016

3rd – Sun in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo

6th – New Supermoon in Taurus

7th – Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

9th – Jupiter direct in Virgo

10th – Venus in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo

12th – Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

13th – Mercury conjunct Venus in Taurus

13th – Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

20th – Sun enters Gemini

21st – Full Moon in Sagittarius

22nd – Sun in Gemini opposition Mars in Sagittarius

23rd – Mercury direct in Taurus

24th – Venus enters Gemini

25th – Venus in Gemini opposition Mars in Sagittarius

26th – Saturn in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo

27th – Mars retrograde re-enters Scorpio

  • Experience the world as a spiritual garden of delight!
  • Fresh opportunities and second chances spring from the past
  • Happy birthday to all quicksilver Geminis out there!

Step into a garden of earthly delights and transform your experience of the material and sensual world on some level this May. It’s also very much a month for bringing those ideas down to earth and making something of them whether this is enacting a new belief, changing our behaviour and shrugging off all patterns which keep us trapped, or taking an idea and doing something concrete with it instead of just talking about it. Let’s take a journey through the major activity that’s happening in earth signs this month as well as airy Gemini whose birthday it is.

We are spiritual beings interacting with the material world so we need to always bear in mind that all the pleasures and the pitfalls this offers are spiritual lessons – not material ones. For example, how we handle money says a lot about our values so it’s not just about how much we have per se. Our capacity to embrace or deny the ‘good things’ of life is also linked to this. There is nothing wrong with these things either – they are experiences we can have. Yes, we can point to hoarding, addiction and excessive consumption as negative aspects of this but then we fail to see that these behaviours are a symptom of something deeper within that we are trying to heal. When we go directly to that rather than dealing with the symptom itself the behaviour changes. And incidentally, denying yourself pleasure or those ‘good things’ is also the opposite side of that coin and again, shows a soul wound that requires healing. Excessive abstinence is just as unhealthy as it’s opposite.

This is not intended to judge us as the universe does not do that! It just asks us to become more aware of why we may be doing something that may in fact, be doing us no good at all in the long run – no matter how much we may be congratulating ourselves on our self-restraint and frugality.

Many of us could be overhauling our attitudes to what we are prepared to accept – and what we are prepared to increase our experience of, especially during the first week of May. Second chances lead to new opportunities due to use revising our expectations – upward. On the 3rd the Sun in Taurus makes a positive angle to Jupiter in fellow earth sign, Virgo. Then four days later does the same to Pluto in the sign of earthly establishment – Capricorn. In between we have the new Supermoon in Taurus on the 6th which marks the start for all Taureans of a new beginning on some level but for all of us with two retrograde planets – Jupiter and Pluto, being impacted by the Sun, this new beginning could in fact be a second opportunity which stems from something from the past but offers a fresh start to experience the material world or success on some level. Time to immerse yourself in new ideas about how you handle and experience money, success, pleasure and increase – in any area. Ask yourself what really gives you enjoyment as when you look closely at this, it may not be actually something you can buy but may be what you experience. Although of course, you can buy experiences – and that could just be the key you’re looking for to unlock success and abundance for yourself now.

What form this takes could start to become apparent during the second to third weeks of the month as Jupiter shifts to direct motion again in Virgo on the 9th – the same day Venus in her ruling sign (Taurus) makes a divine angle to him – designed to manifest something good if we are prepared to run with it. Mercury also presently retrograde in Taurus now makes a tine to Pluto on the 12th and meets Venus on the 13th when he also trines Pluto. The further back we look we may be able to see how past efforts or changes we made to our thinking now yield beautiful results in the present.

The focus now shifts to ideas and where they can take us as the start of the third week sees the Sun arrive in Gemini. Talk and communication matter and ideas blossom especially when we don’t only share them but do something with them. Geminis themselves are in for a highly creative, fun and romantic year where they are set to attract a great deal of attention in the best possible way. Romance is definitely on the cards for you later in the year as is getting a chance to shine and be noticed and success could play a big part in this. Get ready to be the star of your own reality show now – and for everyone to be watching!  A freedom enhancing full Moon in Sagittarius on the 21st offers a release for us all as something draws to a conclusion and a new, unexplored path could beckon us down it. Again, this may stem from something in our past and may ask for an extra effort or push on our part as the following day the Sun in Gemini opposes retrograde Mars in Sagittarius. Wait another day before making an decisions if you can as Mercury finally heads direct in Taurus on the 23rd.

Venus and Mars now do a tango as Venus enters Gemini on the 24th and opposes Mars the following day. This could mark the return of a lover or the return to something for many. It is now all about what we have been learning and whether or not we fear to put this into practice or not as Saturn – also retrograde in Sag squares the now direct Jupiter from his ruling sign on the 26th and Mars re-enters his ancient ruling sign of Scorpio on the 27th. It’s now a call to break free of fear – and this can be the fear of having what we want, and going for it. It is your feeling personal power that determines how you interact with the material world successfully. Mars retrograde in Scorpio brings those insecurities to the surface – and allows you finally to see them for what they are. Get grounded in worldly bliss now. It’s a spiritual experience we can all embrace.