Mercury Sun Transits

Mercury Sun Transits

Mercury is the planet of communication and is the fastest moving planet in the sky. Hence he is associated with quick thinking! The Sun shines a light on things and also influences our confidence.

Mercury conjunct the Sun

Mercury conjunct the Sun gives you extra va va va voom when it comes to communication. Suddenly there is a sense of increased confidence, other people seem more interested in what you have to say. Many words are spoken.

Your mind is on fire with all sorts of thoughts. There are chit chats, exciting conversations and a buzz in the air. Ideas are easy to present and are taken seriously. You can have a certain gravitas when it comes to group conversations. The spotlight is on you.

Prck up your ears for conversations which can help you move forward in your life. You’re also an online whizz knowing exactly where to look to get the information you need. It’s the perfect time to write a blog or put your ideas out there. Whatever you say people are listening so make sure you mean it!

Mercury Sextile Sun

Your thoughts are not only bright and sparkly but also highly creative. You’re feeling the excitement around your ideas and channeling playful yet useful concepts. Thinking, communicating and engaging with other people is a positive experience with this transit.

You might be tempted to change direction or renew an old idea from a new perspective. Someone could connect with you who has a fabulous way of communicating. You have the chance to feel optimistic about your potential.

Mercury Square Sun

Annoying and frustrating, this transit is one to watch. You can be a spiky little crocodile and see negativity everywhere. You could easily become feisty, angry and quick to loose your temper. You may feel pushed in a corner or criticised but be careful you are not over reacting. Words can get lost in translation as ego’s clash. Choose your verbal battles carefully now.

Mercury Trine Sun

Smooth operator! Your words seduce and delight and you are effortlessly charming. This lovely little transit gives you great influence but also compassion. You might find yourself mediating or helping people connect. Your words are compelling, delightful and smooth as honey. You can also impress someone powerful.

Mercury Opposition Sun

Talking in circles and jumbled up words. It’s hard to get your point across and other folk may be as confusing as spaghetti with chocolate sauce. Try not to push any conversations that aren’t totally necessary or you could end up more baffled than in the first place. Think before you speak or you could unintentionally offend someone.