Good vibrations! Positive aspects in your chart.

We’ve talked about what we can do about challenging aspects in our birthcharts. But let’s now take a look at how to make the most of our positive ones! All of us have a combination of aspects in our charts that bring us lessons and blessings. What these are will be unique to us alone and nobody here has a chart that is comprised solely of wonderful aspects – or stressful ones for that matter! Perhaps you have already looked at your chart and seen fabulous trines, sextiles, planets in their ruling houses or planets in what we call ‘mutual reception’ which is what happens when two planets form a positive angle to one another from each other’s ruling signs. You could be blessed with an aspect like a high-flying kite, a Star of David, a Grand Trine or a Pentagram. If so, lucky you!

However, as always with astrology, there is even two sides to ‘positive’ angles and aspects. Just as squares, oppositions and planets in houses where they are not comfortable give us something to ‘push’ against and bring us a true sense of achievement when we break through these barriers, positive angles and aspects exist to help smooth our path – but we cannot afford to just sit back and take them for granted.

We come here with certain soul tasks and when we have beneficial aspects in our charts, we can say we do have that extra level of support. However, we do have to take action on our own behalf and realise that nothing will just fall into our laps! We can have a fantastic Grand Earth Trine for example – perhaps with Venus in her ruling sign of Taurus as part of this. On its own it promises success in love and business matters. But unless we go out and work towards our goals and also make an effort to meet prospective partners, then nothing with come of it. In fact, there is an argument that you CAN have too much of a good thing astrologically. Sometimes the lesson for us is that we can have so many positive aspects that success DOES come too easy and we take it for granted or else tip into arrogance. Or we go the other way and become lazy because life seems to flow easily for us.

Have a look at your chart and see which planets are forming positive angles to one another. Pay attention if they are in either their ruling signs or their ruling houses in your chart. Are any in ‘mutual reception’? Depending on the houses they occupy you will now be able to see where your ‘gifts’ are and what you have going for you. The more you focus on using these good planetary vibrations and channelling them into these specific areas, the more you will benefit and start to get the outcomes you want. When the planet transits the sign in which it was when you were born, consider this an exceptional time for you where you really are being handed an enhanced ability to succeed in that area.

As always, if you want to delve deeper into this, one of our astrologers will be happy to help you make the most of your planets – and get you working with them in harmony with all the good things your birth chart destiny reveals for you.