Weekly General Astrology Forecast May 23

24th – Venus enters Gemini

25th – Venus in Gemini opposition Mars in Sagittarius

26th – Saturn in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo

27th – Mars retrograde re-enters Scorpio

  • Flirt with life and new ideas
  • Lack of attention results in setbacks
  • Make this a No Fear week!

Love and flirting with new ideas is promised as Venus enters Gemini this week. Chemistry ignites – perhaps on both a mental and a physical level as we indulge not just in exchanging ideas but a bit of verbal foreplay too. Venus opposes her opposite number Mars in Gemini’s opposing sign of Sagittarius on the 25th. Mars is currently retrograde so the goddess of love rules over Mars who can be a bit too focussed on action, and wham, bam, thank-you ma’am. So this is more about love talk than dirty talk, romance as opposed to lust and flirting with something or someone from our past.

Lessons that we have failed to learn may be destined to be repeated this week as Saturn in Sagittarius squares off Sag’s ruling planet Jupiter in Virgo. Things like neglecting to pay attention to the details or to health issues on an individual or a planetary level can come back to haunt us. Our relationship with the earth could also feature – big business vs. the need to respect and conserve our natural world.

The 27th sees Mars re-enter his ancient ruling sign of Scorpio. Past fears may emerge now or we are taken to places in our psyches we would rather not re-visit. We may also have thought we had dealt with this stuff but now, here it is again. What did you do last time you did? What results did you get? This house is all about our personal power and Mars is all about boundaries. As he is retrograde you may not know where yours are any more. Perhaps our task this week is to re-establish them – on our own and without Mars’s help. Be your own warrior this week and understand often the only thing we do have to fear it the fear itself. But Mars in here also stirs up long-buried passion which now demands an outlet. Just as well Venus is busy setting the stage with all that flirtation and words of love now.

Photo by Cathy Waite copyright 2016