Astrology Clues For Soulmates.

We all love astrology for its ability to give us a heads-up on what our future may be about to bring us. Just like when we consult a pshchic or clairvoyant, one of the main questions we can have is when we will next attract a love or soulmate experience. So, even if we are not yet ‘expert’ astrologers, what are the signs the planets have for us that can tell us a soulmate is on their way – or better yet you have already met one?!

1: Venus. Venus is of course the planet of love and romance. So, it goes without saying that for love to happen, Venus has a key role to play here.

What to look for: Your Venus and/or your prospective soulmate’s Venus making a positive angle to each other – a sextile, trine or conjunction or a positive angle to another personal planet – Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars, on one another’s charts. Also look for your Venus falling in their 1st, 5th or 7th houses of their charts and vice versa.

2: Pluto. Well, Pluto rules sex but he also rules reincarnation. When it comes to a soulmate connection of any form – and there are plenty of these where romance and sex do not play a role, then the position of Pluto indicates a past life connection.

What to look for: Connections between Pluto and the North/South nodes of the chart. Pluto making a positive angle to these – especially a conjunction. Or example, your soulmate’s Pluto is conjunct your South Node. Either your natal Pluto making a positive angle with personal planets in your soulmate’s chart or vice versa. When Pluto is in a positive aspect in both charts this can be the kind of relationship that is inseparable and comes with a lifetime of love and passionate intensity. Lucky you!

3: Sun/Moon connections: This one is the simplest of all to check especially if you are just starting to learn astrology.

What to look for: Simple angles such as your Sun trine your soulmate’s Sun tells you that you are in touch with who they are and they with you. Positive angles between your Moons or one another’s Sun and Moon are also indicators that you relate to one another on an emotional level. Yes, this is very basic synastry interpretation but it can also show that there is a significant connection to be explored.

4: Uranus/Neptune connections: Now we’re going deeper. People with these two planets in their charts in harmony may not only enjoy shared beliefs but feel an intense spiritual connection. This is a very good sign for lasting friendships or romantic partners who you feel are also your best friend.

What to look for: Positive angles between these two or either of these planets in your chart impacting on a planet in your soulmate’s chart. Neptune rules our past lives and where we are going next so he can not just indicate the presence of a soulmate but what you were to one another prior to even getting here!

5: The Moon’s Nodes: These are those funny little symbols in a chart that look like an upside down eye fastening. Most on-line sites where you can generate a chart show the North Node. The South Node is always in opposition to this.

What to look for: Although we are now delving into more complex astrology, you don’t need to know someone’s time of birth to see where the North Node is. You just won’t know what house it is in without the birth time. However, just knowing where it is tells you volumes and many astrologers believe that the Nodes are the single most powerful indicator of a soulmate connection! An angle between a personal planet and the South Node indicates a  past life connection while an angle between a planet and the North Node indicates that you have a destiny together in this life. The best angles to look for are conjunctions when it comes to the Nodes.

So, now you Node – sorry, couldn’t resist that one. But when it comes to finding that soulmate connection, once again, astrology can help you uncover new understanding and the reason you have come together.