General Astrology July 2016

July Astrology 2016

4th – New Moon in Cancer

6th – Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer

7th – Sun and Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn

12th – Venus enters Leo

14th – Mercury enters Leo

16th – Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo

19th – Full Moon in Capricorn

20th – Mercury and Venus in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius

22nd – Sun enters Leo

30th – Uranus retrograde in Aries

31st – Mercury enters Virgo

  • Fear gives way to passion and fun
  • New ideas reform our world
  • Happy birthday, Leo!

This month the astrology is about healing and new ideas.

New Moons always bring with them the promise of a fresh phase of life. With the 4th July new Moon look to putting a major problem behind you if you have been working through feelings of being unable to cope or just fears in general. Yes, this new Moon appears on the birthday of the United States and we can say that at the moment the American collective needs time, love and tenderness to heal.

This may mark the start of this. What goes on in the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm within us so it is time for us all to concentrate of self-healing, self-forgiveness and self-awareness and once this is done then sending this energy out to others becomes a natural part of the process. We cannot heal others if we are wounded ourselves. This Moon says this is part of our soul growth work now if we are willing to undertake it.

The Sun in Cancer meets Mercury in there on the 6th and both will oppose Pluto the planet of transformation in the sign of the establishment. Expect opposite ideas to create tension with the need for change encountering resistance from what is already established or thought of as the way to do things. Preconceptions could be challenged and this could revolve around whether we buy into fear or else are willing to see there is in fact, nothing to fear but fear itself or else recognise the basic flaw in a system that fears to be challenged.

At long last light, love and laughter begin to reign supreme again as Venus enters Leo on the 12th and Mercury follows her on the 14th. The 16th is a wonderful day and mid-month could bring us all the relief from all that hard stuff we have been working through. Romance, pleasure and fun provide just the tonic we’ve all needed and our faith in life could just be restored.

Our relationship to those in positions of authority, our personal ambitions and drive and whether or not our dreams are based on something that is realisable will all be illuminated under Capricorn’s full Moon on the 19th. The following day we have Mercury and Venus in Leo trineing Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn which is in Sagittarius the sign of expansion and freedom. Dare I say that in this instance we may see a transformation from what is rigid to something more flexible and freedom-inducing?  This transit could also plug all of us in to our creative power and how to utilise this to establish what we want – hopefully something more beautiful.

Let those beautiful ideas give you the power to shine as the Sun arrives in regal Leo on the 22nd. It’s now not a time to be shy or self-effacing, as this sign is all about being seen and being appreciated for all that you have to offer. For all you Leo’s out there celebrating your birthday, no matter what date your actual birthday falls on the vibe for you for the upcoming 12 months is one of new beginnings, expansion, adventure and dare I say it – hot love! Read your sign’s forecast to discover more!

Uranus heads retrograde in Aries on the 30th and will stay that way until the end of the year. Just like Pluto, Uranus becomes more potent during his retrograde cycle. More inventive, more ‘out there’ with ideas, more curious and of course, more able to deliver that rollercoaster-effect we associate with him. So, plan in the short term not the long term. Uranus rules astrology so if you are interested in learning more about it, this is an excellent transit under which to study it.

Mercury enters his ruling sign of Virgo on the 31st and again, this is an excellent transit under which to study or look at the details. Mercury in here is concerned with the facts and also in paring down our lives in some way. It may be time to de-clutter now for many of us. Shed what you don’t need and when you examine the facts – extend the process to your thoughts. We’ve now come full circle to those insecurities and fears which were triggered at the start of the month by the new Moon. Are they based on facts? Chances are you now see they’re not. It’s only ever an idea you need to change and come at from another perspective. Change your thoughts and you change your world. We can all use a little world-changing this July.

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