Weekly General Astrology Forecast June 20

20th – Mercury in Gemini opposition Saturn in Sagittarius

20th – Full Blue Moon in Sagittarius

20st – Sun enters Cancer – Summer Solstice

  • Communicate with care
  • Words and decisions have far-reaching effects
  • Happy birthday, Cancer!

Words will have a lasting impact now so be careful of what you say, write or communicate this week as once this is out there, there will be no taking it back! Don’t forget as Mercury oppose Saturn in Sagittarius from his ruling sign of Gemini, that words are spells – at least on a personal level. What has been said in the past could also come back to haunt some of us. This could have far-reaching effects as words and choices resonate around the globe thanks to a full Moon in Sagittarius also on the 20th. We need to look at the bigger picture rather than emotional dictates now. Expansion vs. withdrawal is happening. On a collective level we may see big business or the establishment called to account for what has or is being said. And all this happening against the backdrop of the Brexit. Again, once this is cast there is no going back.

The Sun entering Cancer on the 20st brings us the longest day of the year (or shortest in the Southern Hemisphere) and of course the start of  Cancer’s birthday season. Cancerians can look forward to a year which will be focussed on those subjects closest to their soft hearts – home, family, security and belonging and should see big improvements come in around these areas/. The rest of us could do worse than follow Cancer’s example especially when it comes to communicating with forethought and sensitivity. Choose your words wisely and think before you say them this week. .