Astro SOS: Can I Change My Chart?

Perhaps you’ve had your natal chart interpreted by an astrologer or else started on that path yourself. You’ve been told or have discovered that you have natal planets that form challenging or difficult angles to one another, or have planets in houses where they are in what astrologers call the ‘detriment’ or ‘fall’. It all sounds scary or that you are trapped by your planets into a fate you cannot escape, doesn’t it? One of the most frequently asked questions for astrologers is therefore: Can I change my natal chart or my planets? This is a highly complex question and the answer is both yes and no!

First of all, you need to remember that every single one of us here is born with a astrological chart that contains a challenging angle or two, or a planet in a house where it is not happy. There is a reason for this and if you think about your life being a learning process, then these planets form your curriculum if you like and the lessons you have agreed to come in and master in this lifetime. That’s all part of the process of signing up to come here! These aspects are there for a reason and that is for you to learn and grow.

Having said that however, you need to remember that the planets do not compel us and when we understand the lesson they are there to teach us we transcend that particular influence in our chart and it is no longer a issue. In other words, we pass our exam and graduate. So, in that respect, yes, we can ‘change’ a particular planetary influence in our natal chart and it is astrology itself which provides us with the tools to do this. When we understand through astrology how a particular planet or aspect if affecting how we view the world and our behaviour, we can make a conscious effort to change this in a positive way. That way we step free from the karmic influence of the planet and move on to the next level! It’s like moving up in class in soul school and the effects can be pretty well life-changing when we do this.

Another way we can change the influence of our birth charts is to relocate away from the place or even the country where we were born. When we do this we can generate a re-location chart based on our date and time of birth for that place. If we have moved far enough away we get a new chart with a new rising sign and the planets all in different houses and giving us a very different ‘vibe’. Yes, our original birth chart still applies but the new chart with give us something extra to work with. An example of this is a woman I met who used to live in Los Angeles. She had been born there and although she had a successful career there, her love life had never worked out for her and it had in fact been six years since her last relationship! She made the decision to re-locate to Santa Fe, New Mexico – not because of her love life but she just wanted a more tranquil existence in a creative environment as she was an artist. Within three months of her arrival she met a man who she married a year later. This was because by relocating she shifted the planets into beneficial houses for relationships where they had not been in LA.

Of course, you should not consider relocation just because it gives you a new chart – you should make this decision because you feel this is the best career and/or lifestyle move for you. I am just using this as an example of what a dramatic effect this can have!

Whether you are considering a relocation and want to know how this changes your chart, or want to understand how you can work through the planetary influences of your chart based on where you are right now, one of our knowledgeable and insightful astrologers will be happy to help you. Your chart is a wheel within which you can master your destiny – you are not chained to it but can turn it in any direction you want. That’s the power and the magic of astrology for you!