Your Astro Angel for August: Verchiel ruler of the Sun

As the Sun arrives in Leo we could all do with walking on sunshine and Verchiel is the angel who lights our way and our lives. Verchiel embodies all the finest qualities that Leo is associated with – nobility of spirit, generosity, love and affection. Leo is the 5th house of the zodiac which rules romance – so we can easily see how these qualities are associated with Verchiel.

sunsign leoLeo’s ruling planet is the Sun without which there would be no life on Earth. The 5th house rules fun and pleasure and one of Verchiel’s lessons is to teach us that having fun is essential to our wellbeing and happiness and there is nothing un-spiritual about laughter and pleasure. It’s all part of the human experience. Verchiel also rules our creativity which comes under the 5th house. The Sun literally ‘illuminates’ our lives – without it we would dwell in darkness. No matter what sign we are born under, calling on Verchiel, especially during the period when the Sun is in Leo, can bring us clarity as Verchiel will literally ‘throw a light’ on the issue.

Verchiel give us special protection and if you feel you are in need of that in any area, then call upon him. He is also one of the four angels who make up the Order of Power who rule the fixed signs in the zodiac – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. They are represented in the Tarot on the card of The Wheel of Fortune as they watch of worldly events. But the main card associated with him is The Sun. Don’t forget, the card of The Sun often comes up after we have been through dark times to let us know the Sun will shine on us again. So, this really does tie in with Verchiel’s energy and his ability to light our path for us.

In the TV series Fallen, Verchiel is of course an antagonist which we can attribute to artistic license as Verchiel asks us to become more noble, kind and generous. Tap into some angelic sunshine while the Sun is in Leo and presided over by Verchiel and enjoy walking in the light again.

Helen x