Weekly General Horoscope July 18

19th – Full Moon in Capricorn

20th – Mercury and Venus in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius

22nd – Sun enters Leo

  • Time to build something lasting
  • Like it? Put a ring on it!
  • Happy birthday, Leo!

Welcome to your weekly general forecast for July 18th and it all kicks off with a Full Moon so expect a peak experience! What have you built, established or author-ised? The full Moon in Capricorn is all about establishment – as in the establishment and also the structures we create to support us, and authority and that begin by being the authors of our own lives. If we do not have authority over ourselves, we run afoul of those in positions of authority.

full moon astrologyIf we are without a central foundation, we can abdicate the authority for our lives over to others and we may not then like the results. So, don’t be surprised if themes around all of this emerge this week and what they are or the impact they may have on you will depend on the authority you have over yourself and your ability to take responsibility for the choices you have made.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet sits in Sagittarius right now and the 20th features a tension easing and potential long term path opening aspect between him and Mercury and Venus conjunct in Leo. Make no mistake, Saturn says put a ring on it in that he asks us for a commitment on some level. If we do that – and this can be to a plan, a project, a path, a career, a family or even self-rulership, then Saturn can reward us like no other planet. So, are you facing restrictions or rewards this week? This tells you how well you are doing with Saturn’s karmic curriculum right now.

Time to shine. Time to glow. Time to rock your passion as the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd. Step into the spotlight in some way in the next month and for all you Leo’s out there then you are entering a year of fresh starts and new beginnings where you need to shed the old and emerge as someone new. That too takes authority and establishment. Establish something beautiful and put a ring on your future this week no matter what your sign.