Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 25


  • Opportunities arrive in disguise
  • Be yourself and don’t imitate others
  • Dare to do and be different!

We should all be expecting the unexpected this week as Mercury in Leo trines Uranus in Aries. But this may be unexpectedly thrilling or designed to ensure we escape any ruts we may have inadvertently dug ourselves into. Mercury rules news and communication while Uranus rules challenges and thrills. The new we receive may cause us to have to change direction or do something different. As we do this, we open up new opportunities. Don’t forget the Chinese ideogram for ‘crisis’ is the same one for ‘opportunity’. Sometimes our opportunities come in disguise. Uranus energy can feel like being on a rollercoaster at times – and not being able to get off! But the thing is when we do, we find we have been on a journey to somewhere better – no matter how many twists and turns we encountered.

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Uranus turns retrograde on the 30th and here he is asking us to tap into our inventive streak and really think of alternatives to what we usually do. Uranus is the planet of individuality and his retrograde period is all about the awakening of our own unique soul calling. He asks us not to imitate others but be ourselves – fearlessly and without apology. When we can embrace this we often find the acceptance we were seeking all along. Uranus also rules astrology and his retrograde made him more powerful so this is a good time to delve deeper into what astrology has to say for you.

weekly horoscopeWe all have an eye for the details now as Mercury enters his ruling sign of Virgo on the 31st. We can bring that to bear on those unexpected events but also see that big picture thinking is all very well, but working out how to bring that vision about requires planning and depth. Mercury in Virgo allows us to do that as well as keeping us aware of what works – and what doesn’t. What works may be something innovative that we’ve all been scared to try until now. But this week the universe is saying ‘What do you have to lose?’ Dare to do and dare to do it in your own unique way now.

27th – Mercury in Leo trine Uranus in Aries

30th – Uranus retrograde in Aries

31st – Mercury enters Virgo


Main photo by Dylan O’Donnell flikr