Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 8

13th – Saturn direct in Sagittarius

13th – Venus in Virgo square Saturn direct in Sagittarius

  • Have blockages been removed?
  • Create beautiful structures
  • Is an angel on your shoulder?

fairySaturn heads direct again in Sag this week and his forward-motion is an invitation to us all to show what we have learned about structure during his retrograde phase. If we can prove to Saturn we have taken whatever lesson he had for us on board, then we may find that suddenly and inexplicably barriers that were there before no longer exist.

It’s as if we had an angel on our shoulder we were unaware of before. Remember, sometimes when things do not go the way we wanted, this can be that angel at work gently nudging us down a different and better pathway.

saturn direct horoscopeVenus who is now in Virgo makes a creative angle to Saturn on the same day and she is in the sign of earthly creativity and also health. Virgo has lots of ideas and usually also a game plan to make them happen rather than just talking about them. Also, when it comes to our health – as Virgo is an Earth sign we have to include planetary health here which is a reflection of our own, it is all very well to talk about what we should do to improve or safeguard this, but we need a structure to work from.

With these two making a push to each other, structures from which to create and launch beautiful ideas can be built and implemented. And suddenly we see that structure does not hold us back as we first thought. It supports and sets us free to explore anything from an idea, to the world or our soul calling. Get building something beautiful this week.