Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 22


  • Happy birthday, Virgo
  • Remove blocks to progress with simplicity
  • Live smarter

fitness gifMercury meets Jupiter in his ruling sign this week bringing about practical solutions to getting those ideas off the ground. It’s all in the planning now and all those Virgos out there whose birthday season begins this week can look forward to a year filled with enhanced opportunities to make those dreams a reality provided you have the plan to support it. Your words are spells but back them up with a solid plan.

giphy-22Mars and Saturn meet in Sagittarius this week and we all need to pay close attention to the areas of our lives where we are being restricted on any level or where we may be coming up against those in positions of power and authority and getting nowhere fast. Mars is all about taking action and in Sagittarius he is likely to be overcome with false confidence or just over-estimate what can realistically be done. If you end up in a power struggle be clever and don’t lose your temper.

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Are you butting your head up against the proverbial brick wall (Saturn) now? The key to this possibly difficult transit for all of us is to stop if you feel like this is what is happening. Sometimes the restrictions we face are the ones we have created ourselves. Be practical and most importantly be honest with yourself. How best can you build solid foundations?
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When it comes to plans to achieve this especially if it is all impacting on our overall wellbeing, perhaps we all need to channel our inner Virgo now.

wombles gifVirgos themselves are celebrating what has to be one of the best starts to their new yearly cycle for some time thanks to a four planet stellium in their sign which sees Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all conjunct on the 28th. We could see how paying attention to the details, to constructing systems and supporting our bodies all pay off in simply beautiful ways. Give up a bad habit, get fit and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

giphy-21There’s a call not just to work smarter and not harder, but to live smarter and in more refined ways. In fact, refinement could be the key word for all of us this week and Virgos often epitomise this word. Less is more and the simplest idea well executed is often not only the most beautiful, but the most successful too. If you’re stuck stop struggling, the answer really is simplicity and refinement this week. If you do things properly, with no shortcuts, you can make great progress.

22nd – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo

23rd – Sun enters Virgo

23rd – Four planet stellium in Virgo – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter

24th – Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius

27th – Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo

28th – Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo