Monthly General Astrology Forecast for September


  • Harvest, health and healing
  • Do you have sovereignty?
  • Celebrate your happiest birthday cycle in 12 years, Libra!

septembrer astrologyHarvest, healing and health are all in focus for every single one of us as the new Moon appears in Virgo on the first day of the month. This new Moon also marks the astrological start of Virgo.

What we are likely to see is either a bountiful harvest for correct actions taken but if we have neglected or just ignored important areas in our lives, we will harvest those actions as well. This new Moon triggers a solar eclipse and this is part of a larger eclipse cycle which is working the Virgo/Pisces axis at the present time.

So, those things we would rather not look at – like that soul wound for example, or ignoring what our bodies are telling us, or else deluding ourselves that something as important as finding work that truly sustains and supports us ‘doesn’t matter’ – all could now demand our attention and in a way that says we must now take responsibility for our actions and what we have ‘sown’.

September astrology transitsWith this comes a promise as the Sun opposes Neptune ruler of all things hidden on the day after the eclipse and while we may not be able to avoid looking at what we need to ‘sow’ for the future (and deal with in the present), this may also illuminate the actions we need to take.

Think about what you are reaping now which is a direct result of the choices you have made and the seeds you have planted. What do you need to plant next? Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will all feel the impact of this more than any others. However, powerful transformational tools are available to all of us if we look within and ask ourselves why we may be fearing to make the changes that invoke enhanced wellbeing in our lives thanks to the Sun making a fabulous trine to Pluto in Capricorn on the 7th.

september astroLong term and established behaviours that really don’t work for us any more could make way for something better while others could see the changes come in through a dedication to making the right choices. Think transformation and/or validation for your path now.

What many astrologers are touting as one of the biggest astrological events for 12 years – certainly in terms of love and partnerships; occurs on the 9th when Jupiter leaves Virgo and arrives in the sign of Libra. Libra is the 7th house of the zodiac and rules marriage, marriage type relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Its symbol is the scales representing balance and also justice. If you love life has been out-of-whack (i.e.: non-existent) or if it has become one-sided, unequal or all take and no give, then Jupiter in here restores the balance again.

september astrology overviewSingles should see more than one partnership opportunity appear and with a little effort, those of us who are coupled up should be able to create a better, more equal and above all, more fun, love connection. Jupiter is not a fairy godfather however so do bear this in mind. If your relationship has devolved to the point of no return or if serious issues remain despite your best efforts to fix them, then he will not prevent the relationship coming to an end.

He can however make that ending easier and possibly more amicable and once you are free, bring you another chance at love while in here. Get ready because in the next 13 months which Jupiter is about to spend in here, all of us should get to experience what it is to be ‘partnered up’ on some level. Jupiter may fill your dance card not just with a romantic partner but may invite you to take a twirl and experience other kinds of partnerships – perhaps in a close friendship or with an activity or business partner. It is also worth mentioning that the 7th house of the zodiac rules our open enemies – those we ‘love to hate’.

september astrology overviewPart of Jupiter’s lessons while in here for some of us will be dealing with people that just seem out to ‘get’ us or are just plain unpleasant. Again, while he will not wave a magic wand and make them disappear (no matter how much we may wish this to happen!), he can enable us to deal with them more effectively and usually by helping us just transcend the person’s negativity on some level. While he may not make them vanish, in some instances I have known of Jupiter to bring about circumstances where either the difficult person moves away or else there is an opportunity for you to do so. Put it this way, we never really solve issues in our lives – we usually just outgrow them. Jupiter now says you’re bigger than all this – and have bigger fish to fry besides!

There’s a little bit of mystery and feminine power happening in the sign of Scorpio as well this month as Lilith the dark Moon meets Juno the asteroid who rules marriage and partnerships. So, what do women want? Lilith says sovereignty. When do we want it? Now!

soulmate gifWhether you are in a relationship or not, these two apparently dissimilar goddesses are meeting to say that no matter whether we are coupled up or not, we need to belong to ourselves and be okay with that before we can have the kind of satisfying, equal love relationship we are seeking. If we don’t have sovereignty of our own lives, we can ‘lose’ ourselves in a relationship or end up making the wrong choice.

Get that soul sovereignty happening and you will be one of the lucky ones to benefit the most from Jupiter in Libra especially as Venus, Libra’s ruling planet, will arrive in Scorpio on the 24th of this month emphasising the need for deep, soul-centered love, sex with depth and above all – not giving in to fears around love, sex or being loved.

astro magic gifThe final tense square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces occurs on the 15th when both planets will make an exact 90 degree angle to one another. This is occurring right at the time of the full Moon and lunar eclipse in Pisces (there’s that axis I was telling you about!). Don’t be surprised if events cause us all to question what we have put our faith in or believe in especially around structures and big business.

Has there been a missing element of honouring the spiritual around this or have things been kept from us? We could end up looking at something we thought was solid – only to find an empty façade and nothing of substance behind it.  That girl who kicked the hornet’s nest namely Eris, meets up with Uranus leader of the revolution in Aries on the 19th. Expect fallout over anything that does not stand up to scrutiny or has misrepresented itself, especially when at the end of the month Pluto moves ahead again in Capricorn and Mars enters here on the same day.

astrology goddess gifAnything that has been in limbo now moves forward again as can our plans as Mercury finally swings to direct motion once more in Virgo. Hopefully we have all attended to matters of health and wellbeing during this phase as well as taking whatever steps were needed to refine anything from our bodies to work projects.

The year now pivots as the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd when the day and night is equal and on the 26th balance and justice may just be the order of the day as the Sun meets Jupiter in here both intent on bringing us renewed optimism in the power of love. Look at where love in its diverse forms is flowing to you now – and focus on that – not on the kind of love you feel you don’t have right now.

september astrologyLike attracts like so if you have the love of say friends, but don’t have a lover, if you focus on what you do have, you open the way for love to flow to you in other forms! Jupiter in Libra says it’s all love – it is all around you whether you are aware of it or not. It is the force that is keeping the stars apart and your heart beating. So, big up your ideas around love – and understand you have more of it than you think you do. For more insight on what love experience Jupiter is set to bring in for your sign during the next 13 months, check out your personalised Jupiter horoscope right here and let the love flow this September!

1st – New Moon in Virgo

1st – Annular Solar Eclipse in Virgo

2nd – Sun in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces

7th – Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

9th – Jupiter enters Libra

11th – Lilith conjunct Juno in Scorpio (exact)

15th – Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (exact)

16th – Full Moon in Pisces

16th – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

19th – Uranus conjunct Eris in Aries (exact)

22nd – Mercury direct in Virgo

23rd – Sun enters Libra – Autumn Equinox

24th – Venus enters Scorpio

26th – Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Libra (exact)

27th – Pluto direct in Capricorn

27th – Mars enters Capricorn

By our astrologer Helen