Weekly General Astrology Forecast August 29


  • Invite in the goddess
  • What have you harvested?
  • Go with the changes

mercury retrogradeThis week there are changes with things that are already in motion or which we thought we had perhaps put behind us, when in fact we hadn’t at all, are all under the spotlight now. The focus is on some serious planetary activity happening in Virgo. Virgo’s ruler is of course Mercury and he turns retrograde in here on the 31st.

When Mercury retrograde in either his ruling sign(s) or ruling house(s) we can expect his ability to create chaos, madness, snafus, delays and just plain trickery, to be amplified.

The Sun’s entry into Virgo always marks harvest time and planetary activity in here usually coincides with us looking at the results of what we have set in motion or planted. Virgo is a hard working, busy and above all, conscientious sign so if we have applied these Virgo traits, not only may we mitigate most of Mercury’s ability to create mayhem when he heads backwards, but we may also see positive results from what we have begun.


solar eclipseAll this occurs against the backdrop of the new Moon in Virgo symbolising planning what we will do next after the harvest which this September 1, brings us an Annular Solar Eclipse. As such, this eclipse may make for fast shifting or moving opportunities which say that to plan for your next harvest, a new or even different approach may be called for. Or if something has been left unfinished, we must now all turn back and do the job properly!

The 2nd sees the Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces – the tangible and worldly vs. the unseen and spiritual and perhaps reminding us that we need both in our lives in order to attain any kind of success. Virgo is the 6th house and is concerned with our work and our physical well being, where Pisces the 12th house rules our mental and psychic well being and our soul path as opposed to our ‘jobs’.

This eclipse we are seeing now is part of a larger cycle or eclipses which all involve the Virgo/Pisces axis and are asking us to integrate all these areas of our lives for a better way of understanding – and living. Think harvest, health and healing. Think about what you are reaping now which is a direct result of the choices you have made and the seeds you have planted. What do you need to plant next?

weekly astrologyAll this focus on Virgo and it’s opposite sign Pisces, as well the impact this has particularly on the other mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, may make us forget that Venus has entered her ruling house of Libra this week. Libra is the sign concerned about balance and justice and Venus in here reminds us that harmony is usually achieved by listening to each other and also to ourselves. When we know what we want we can plant the right seeds for the next harvest.

venus planet of loveIncidentally, if it’s love you want to harvest now, as in ancient times, pay homage to the goddess – in this case Venus. How do we do this? Well, no matter what your sign you are going to love this – you channel her by looking your best, having a make-over, wearing that perfume and not saving it for a ‘special’ occasion as Venus says it’s already pretty special right now, or creating something beautiful.


Light a green candle (the colour of Venus) or a red one – to symbolise passion. Buy something beautiful for your home or you especially if it features seashells, glass, beads or sensual fabrics. Venus loves to make an entrance and she just may do that now if you invite her.

30th – Venus enters Libra

31st – Mercury retrograde in Virgo

1st – New Moon in Virgo

1st – Annular Solar Eclipse in Virgo

2nd – Sun in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces