Cancer Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

If you are an intuitive, sensitive Cancerian, or you have a Cancer ascendant then this September when Jupiter changes signs he will arrive in your 4th house of all-things Cancerian ruled.  Jupiter arrives in here on September 9 and will spend 13 months in residence here. Think back 12 years and look closely at what themes were active in your life around your home, your living arrangements, your lifestyle, your family and your long term security – both emotional and material. Did you move house or upgrade your home during that time? What was happening in your family? Did it expand? Did you benefit through a family member – especially your mother or a female one? What opportunities presented themselves in your career? What long term decision did you make and how did they work out? How did your choices 12 years ago impact on where you are and how you are living today?

For those of you wanting to move house or even to get that toehold on the property ladder, Jupiter in this house in your chart represents your best opportunity to achieve this that you will have for 12 years. Remember, Jupiter always wants to expand and bring us benefits. Any real estate dealings are likely to go well now. And if you cannot afford to buy anywhere take heart! Jupiter will most likely deliver you a bigger and better property to lease than you thought you would be able to afford. It is also likely it may literally be ‘meant’ for you in some way. I have seen people apply to rent property with Jupiter transitting their 4th house to initially be told they have missed out or that there are several others in front on them on the awaiting list, only for these people to ‘magically’ disappear or opt out leaving the way clear. That’s Jupiter at work.

Of course, it goes without saying that you cannot just sit back and expect Jupiter to wave a magic wand. Heaven helps those who help themselves, but with a little effort on your part, Jupiter will usually deliver the goods or in this case, the keys to your new front door. Chances are your new home will feel more expansive and let in more light.

If you are happy where you are living then why now commit to staying there and look to upgrading your home on some level? Jupiter is all about opening up our horizons.  So one way you can honour him and also invite him to bring in benefits for you is to ‘open up’ your home vistas. You might want to consider installing new and bigger windows, sky lights, an extension or even a conservatory if you already own your own home. You’ll want a feeling of brightness and space too so light and vibrant colours as well as storage space will also feature in your home improvements plans. Any improvement that brings you a bigger window on the world will get a Jupiter ‘thumbs up’!

Being a Cancerian your family is usually important to you. Family ties will feel closer now and family time together or even taking holidays will result in stronger bonds. If there have been misunderstandings or disagreements, often Jupiter in here can bring about a happy resolution to these. Some of you could even benefit from the generosity of a family member. Because Jupiter expands, don’t be surprised if your family does too with new babies being born or new family members coming via marriages. Family ties and what these mean to you will be increasingly important. If there are marriages taking place, as Jupiter rules foreign connections some of you could be off to a destination wedding (or be organising one of your own) or else a new family member may come from overseas or from an entirely different culture. Chances are if they do they share your own love of family and may bring their own family traditions in to enhance your existing ones. Jupiter is all about inclusion and the philosophy it’s all one world and one family after all!

Jupiter is of course in the sign of Libra (your 4th house) which is the sign of partnerships. Therefore all this talk of home for many of you will involve finding that special someone you can call out ‘Honey, I’m home!’ to. This person may be happy-go-lucky, well-travelled, adventurous and sexy in an outdoorsy kind of way. Whether they are in a tuxedo or jeans, an evening dress or shorts – they look good! Fun to be around, they may initially challenge you with their ‘don’t fence me in’ vibe until you realise they want a close connection just as much as you do – they just don’t want to feel smothered. Provided you understand this, you could be off on a lasting adventure with this special person.

Long term decisions will be made during the 13 months Jupiter will spend in here with important papers to be signed as part of this. These could of course relate to property – buying or leasing. But many of you could be signing important job or business contracts or even that marriage license! What Jupiter wants you to understand during this cycle is that each big decision you take should build on the previous one and all should add to your sense of security. It’s all about building future foundations for yourself materially and emotionally. It’s also all about stability too.

The people who come into your life this year and who are already there, are now being locked in for the long term. Despite all the benefits Jupiter has for you now, if you are unfortunate enough to be in a relationship where you know it is unequal (and the sign of Libra is all about balance and equality), then please don’t just sit back and do nothing. Remember what I said about heaven (Jupiter) helping those who help themselves? Take action and instigate changes if you are dissatisfied with your relationship. Come from a place where you are secure enough to let the relationship go if your best efforts fail. Remember, it takes two to make a relationship work. But please don’t just sit back and do nothing as you are going to have to live with the impact of your actions or your inaction for many years to come now. Jupiter in your 4th puts you in touch with your inner strength and you will find this is a bigger resource than you ever dreamed possible.

Several golden opportunities will come your way in the next 13 months so be prepared to accept them when they appear and you can expect financial benefits from these. Seek stability in your love life and if someone is not prepared to offer you this, then don’t cling to something which has no future. Jupiter will provide you the homebase from which to launch yourself skyward towards your dreams of home, love and family now. Feather that nest this coming 13 months, Cancer!