Libra Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

Hey, big deal! If you have your Sun in Libra or Libra as your rising-sign then you are about to step into your biggest cycle or opportunity for 12 years. Yes, it’s a big deal. Jupiter arrives in your 1st house on September 9th and will remain in your sign for 13 months. This unusually long stay will see your horizons expand, your appearance change and at least one significant opportunity related to a personal desire appear.

After the massive inner changes that have been occurring over the past year, look forward to your external world reflecting these. This could begin with your appearance as when we make adjustments on a soul level, we need to ensure the outer message we send others is aligned with these. The outer must reflect the inner. So, Jupiter may have you changing your appearance or image. You could now be drawn to different styles of clothing, make-up or hair – and loving this.

Think back 12 years provided you were over 18 at that time. The themes which emerged then are likely to do so again now as are the opportunities. What began for you then? What did you initiate? What opportunities did you explore and what did you reject? Do you have any regrets? A path you now wish you had taken? If so, take heart as Jupiter may be about to deliver a second chance. Above all, this time round vow to have no regrets and leave no opportunity unexplored.

Travel is highlighted now and many of you could be packing your bags for that trip of a lifetime. Or should I say trip of a Jupiter Cycle? Long distance travel is favoured and even a complete new way of life for some. If you have applied to move overseas, then you could now see this happen. Even if you don’t have the money to travel far, Jupiter in your 1st is likely to bring about encounters with people from overseas or from different cultures and backgrounds to yours. Some of them may be exotic, larger than life, flamboyant but also highly intelligent. One of these could act as a mentor or teacher for you or be instrumental in setting you on a path towards a bigger life experience.

Being the sign of partnerships and lasting love, then the main area of personal satisfaction that Jupiter can shower his benefits on is of course your love life. If love has been sadly absent for you, if you have lost your belief in the power of love, then Jupiter could be set to restore this for you now. Many of you could meet Jupiter in person and in the form of a lover. Generous, big-hearted, optimistic, funny, adventurous and sexy:  this person is likely to not only restore your faith in the power of love, but take you on a journey whether real or metaphorical. They could have Sagittarian qualities or else those foreign connections I mentioned earlier.

Because of the secluded and secret quality of Jupiter’s transit through your 12th which you have all experienced over the past year, many of you may be feeling you have been ‘working in the dark’ or going unacknowledged on some level. Now Jupiter is in your 1st, the spotlight will very much be on you. Recognition and moving back into the spotlight is another aspect of the Jupiter Effect in your 1st house. If you have been working behind the scenes, Jupiter should bring you a front-of-house position or you getting the attention you deserve for what you do. Jupiter is the planet of gambling but this is all about taking a chance on yourself and what you have to offer. Dare to apply for that job or begin that business. You have a lot in common with show-stopping Leo who needs recognition like other signs need food and water. Once you acknowledge this you will see you will never be happy working in the shadows. Jupiter asks you to do something about that now – and if you move, he will open up doors for you. For those of you who are already content with their career, then Jupiter can bring even greater successes now linked to personal effort. As always, we need to do our part as ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’. But with Jupiter’s help the rewards of this cycle should exceed the work you have to put in. We can say you should be on a roll now.

Above all, it is time to let go of the past. By all means spend some time looking back at what was happening 12 years ago. If only to learn what to do to maximise your opportunities this time around. Then, let the past go. Do not be your old self. It really is time to embrace the new and not just that new you I mentioned earlier, but new possibilities too.

A word of warning about anything that has been lived out during this cycle. For those of you already in a relationship, Jupiter in your 1st can renew passion and attraction. It can make you and your significant other head off on the next big cycle of adventure together. Jupiter can help heal any rifts and combined with the Venus rulership in your sign, can bring about a new closeness and understanding as well as fun which may have been missing recently. However, as I am always saying, Jupiter is not your fairy godfather. If things have been wrong for some time, unless both parties are willing to make things work, Jupiter will not fix it. In fact, if there are problems that cannot be resolved, Jupiter may grow them to the point where you can no longer ignore them. However, please remember if this is the case, Jupiter may make ending something that no longer serves you easier than at any other time. Jupiter in our 1st is always a time of new beginnings and sometimes this means letting something go in order to begin again.

Above all else, Jupiter in our 1st is always a period of attraction. What we attracted during this stay in here is always linked to our expectations and our personal desires. I always believe that if we are not having a dream come true, this is because we need a bigger dream. Jupiter loves big dreamers but what he loves even more are the big dreamers who do whatever they can to make their dreams come true. Do whatever you can do for these next 13 months to make those dreams reality. And then when you have done that, stop. Let Jupiter then take over and expect results. Be open minded about these results as they may exceed your expectations. That’s the Jupiter Effect for you. A little goes a long way now. Expect big things. That’s Jupiter’s promise for you.