Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 5

7th – Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

9th – Jupiter enters Libra

  • What do you want to make real?
  • It takes two, baby!
  • Set sail towards love

What do we want to make real, now? It probably is real love and that’s the big possibility this week. But first, there’s the reality of what we can make in other areas. As the Sun in practical Virgo trines Pluto in the sign of earthly Capricorn we will either see the results of what we have already begun or else have an opportunity to establish something new and better. Do you want a more satisfying career? A healthier lifestyle? To create something that benefits you and others?

To do this as transformation has to take place. Perhaps first on the inner level of the psyche. And then using this to manifest change to our own soul paths – an in the outer world. The desire for something beneficial and lasting for ourselves and others is what this is all about. And if at first it is all about something whose benefits you and you alone will reap – don’t think of this as selfish. When we are well and happy we raise the collective vibration and also are in a position then to help others. The fact is, well, happy and satisfied people don’t go around making other people’s lives a misery. They usually go around spreading all that happiness and wellbeing! Establish something that puts you on a path towards this – or for those who have achieved this, now look to how you can spread the vibe around.

The biggest transit of the year occurs this week as Jupiter enters Libra – the sign of partnerships, lasting love, togetherness in all its wonderful forms, and balance and justice. Love can find the lonely now. Imbalances can be rectified. Jupiter in here restores faith in love to all of us who may have lost it – and expands the love we already have in our lives. At some point in the next 13 months we can all look forward to exploring what togetherness means in some way shape or form.

Please remember that the term ‘partnership’ encompasses many kinds of two-somes. A romantic or marriage partnership is just one form this can take. Jupiter always wishes to expand our horizons in some way. So, many of us could be offered the opportunity to be in and try on more than one form of being ‘partnered-up’. Yes, this can include that lover who is a serious prospect. It can also include a business partner, a collaborator, an activity partner, a close and lasting friendship, a mentor, and as this is Jupiter – even an animal you partner with! Its all love and Jupiter says time to expand our ideas around what a love relationship may look look.

Jupiter in here says going it alone is not an option now and expand your ideas around the phrase ‘It takes two’. In fact, this should be our mantra for the next 13 months. No more sailing solo. No more being an island. Invite someone else in on your journey and for more insight into what Jupiter will bring you, read your Jupiter in Libra forecast for your sign right here on Horoscope.