Weekly General Astrology Forecast September 19

19th – Uranus conjunct Eris in Aries (exact)

22nd – Mercury direct in Virgo

23rd – Sun enters Libra  – Autumn Equinox

24th – Venus enters Scorpio

  • Do you belong in the company you keep?
  • How lucky do you think you are?
  • Happy birthday, Libra!

Do you believe you fit in? That’s the question posed by the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries at the start of this week. Uranus is the planet of the individual and Aries is the first house and first sign of the zodiac – therefore ruling our ‘best face forward’ in how we come across to others. Into the mix we throw Eris. She’s a new planet as we know and we are just getting to know her. But as it turns out she has a lot to tell us about who we are.

Legend tells us that Eris is a troublemaker. Feeling left out and generally excluded from a ‘Gods and Goddesses Only’ wedding party, Eris throws into the reception mix a golden apple inscribed with the words ‘To the fairest one’. This immediately sets off an argument between Aphrodite, Hera and Athena – all claiming this was clearly meant for them. The resulting bitch-spat sets off the Trojan War with Eris taking the blame for this. We can say however, that squabbling, self-obsessed goddesses were more to blame as was Helen of Troy herself. Unless of course, Eris had tattooed ‘To the fairest one’ on Paris’s butt cheeks. However, Homer makes no mention of this.

What Eris has to teach us this week is about being in the right company for us. If we feel we don’t fit in. If we feel people are not on our wavelength or if we feel excluded on any level or forced to be anything other than our wonderful, playful, apple-throwing unique selves, this is our cue to go find our people and ditch present company no matter how glamourous or elevated that company may be.

Mercury moves direct again this week in his ruling sign of Virgo, lifting confusion, delays and abolishing snafus. Time to make those business and travel plans and to re-launch any ideas you have been refining during his retrograde phase.

Librans just may be the luckiest signs in the zodiac right now as they have Jupiter in their sign for a 13 month visit and he is now joined by the Sun as their birthday season commences which also brings us the Autumn equinox. Day and night are equal and all things must now balance. For Librans, this is your best cycle in 12 years so please utilise this.

Luck is on your side now and it is time to live large and in a way you may have hesitated from doing. In the words of the song ‘Lucky’: I want to see how lucky lucky can be, I want to ride with my Angela and live shockingly, I want to drive to the edge and into the sea, I want to see how lucky lucky can be.  Libra – this should be your theme song for the next 13 months but we can all afford to take a few more chances now.

Libra’s ruling planet Venus makes her most passionate move this week – out of Libra and on into Scorpio. She’s asking how deep is your love? It had better be more than skin deep. How we share our love or even our money can be in focus while Venus is in here.

What desires are you sharing with others? What are they sharing with you? Is it feast or is it famine? Could you share more or do you choose to withhold? Venus in here is not interested in anything superficial. And this Aphrodite is fully in her power. She knows where that apple belongs.

So, when it comes to that golden apple – are you keeping it all to yourself or cutting it up into equal parts because you’ve realised we’re all the ‘fairest one’? Or have you just realised that the apple is wasted on present company and seek others to share it with? The term the ‘fairest one’ includes you – remember that. Find the party, the lover or the people you belong with this week.

This weeks astrology overview by our astrologer Helen