Monthly General Astrology Forecast for October

1st – Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

6th – Venus conjunct Lilith in Scorpio (exact)

7th – Mercury enters Libra

11th – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Libra (exact)

11th – Venus conjunct Juno in Scorpio (exact)

15th – Sun in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries (exact)

16th -Full Supermoon in Aries

 18th – Venus enters Sagittarius

 20th – Mercury in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries (exact)

20th – Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (exact)

22nd – Cardinal Grand Cross: Uranus, Eris and Ceres conjunct in Aries square Moon in Cancer square Mercury in Libra square Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. Uranus, Eris and Ceres conjunct in Aries opposition Mercury in Libra. Moon in Cancer opposition Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

 23rd – Sun enters Scorpio

 25th – Mercury enters Scorpio

 28th – Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio (exact)

 30th – Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (exact)

 30th – New Moon in Scorpio

 31st – Sun and Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces – All Hallow’s Eve

  • Change your love karma
  • Doors to the ‘other side’ swing open wide
  • Happy birthday, Scorpio phoenixes!

This month says there is nothing superficial about love. Love gets a deeper, more spiritual foundation now. We may all be reaching for a more profound spiritual connection in our relationships beginning at the start of the month with the fabulous Venus/Neptune trine. This asks us what is your love karma? How are you living or in fact, loving it out? Do you want to change it in any way? If you have stayed blind to this changes may occur naturally that open up your eyes. We could dive in to experience the darker side of love which requires us to take responsibility for our relationships as Venus and Lilith meet in Scorpio on the 6th. Are you willing to own this and also your own power to bring about changes if they are needed? We then rise back to the surface again as Venus then meets Juno – another goddess of relationships but the one of partnership and marriage. We can then integrate these lessons to bring about what we want. If we are open to learning them that is. This is the relationship journey that’s calling is this October.

We’re all going to be talking about or at the very least have love on our minds this month. Until the 23rd, the Sun remains in Libra sign of partnerships but the major planetary activity in there continues to send sparks of love and attraction flying out across the heavens.  Mercury gets us all talking about lovre – and acts as love’s courier when he arrives in here on the 7th. We could all see heart-starting news when he has his encounter in here with Jupiter on the 11th. Love is the answer but here we just might figure out what the question is too! Mid month sees surprising twists and turns around relationships – some of us single might get snapped up while others find themselves back on the market again. There is always a reason for this no matter what as a love revolution could begin when the Sun in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Why not start your own love revolution by being the love you want to see in your life? Mercury opposition Aries on the 20th says you can come up with your own manifesto based on what kind of love is being reflected back at you as the full Supermoon waxes in Aries on the 16th.

Love sets you free. Lifts you higher or up where you belong. Does it? Venus in free-spirited, freedom seeking Sagittarius is now on a quest for that kind of love. there’s a reminder here that freedom in a relationship does not necessarily mean lack of commitment. If you have been taking Lilith’s lesson on board from the start of the month you will know this actually means the freedom to be yourself and to love without restriction. As Venus moves to meet Saturn in here at the end of the month you could see a greater commitment for some people while others realise what they have does not offer what they seek – and may therefore free themselves to go find it.

If you want to make an astro-omelette you may have to break some eggs. Mars and Pluto challenge us when they meet in Capricorn on the 20th to take authority for our lives. If what we have created or our decisions have not been sound, then expect structures to be shaken or even collapse as we see a Cardinal Grand Cross appear on the 22nd when Mars and Pluto are still conjunct. This may challenge us on an emotional level as the Moon sits in her ruling sign of Cancer as part of this. The results of what we have sown or set in motion could become apparent now as Ceres sits conjunct Uranus in Aries as this takes place. As does Eris who is most likely the one breaking the eggs now.

Changes and transformations could result but these could turn us all into phoenixes if we follow Scorpio’s example of being able to rise and rise again. The Sun reaches Scorpio on the 23rd. Scorpios themselves can look forward to a very ‘Phoenix rising’ year where themes associated with their sign dominate. Yes, that DOES include sex, Scorpio! For more insight see this month’s forecast for your sign and also your Jupiter forecast here on Horoscope by Michele Knight. With Mercury’s entrance into Scorpio on the 25th and his meeting with the Sun on the 28th let’s talk about sex – and those fears. Time to exercise personal power, to see what areas of our lives need transformation and to talk about what pushes our buttons – if not with someone we trust then with a professional. There’s a rebirth on some level being offered to all of us on the 30th as the Scorpio new Moon appears.

The following day – Halloween, the Sun and Mercury will trine Neptune in spiritual Pisces. Yes, doors to the ‘other side’ will be opening wide and this also includes the doors to our intuition and psychic abilities. With this gateway thrown open wide we now need to be willing to act on intuition, to take note of what comes to us in our dreams, via symbols, synchronicities or even to messages from others in the spiritual realm. This may serve to remind us that no matter what is happening in this world, there really are more things in heaven and earth than we dream of. It’s all part of a bigger plan and picture that you have a role to play in. And you just may get closer to realising what this is this October.