Weekly General Astrology Forecast October 3

6th – Venus conjunct Lilith in Scorpio (exact)

7th – Mercury enters Libra

  • Say it with love
  • Do you own your destiny?
  • Get the balance you desire in your relationships

The meeting of two very different feminine energies occurs this week in the phoenix-rising sign of Scorpio. After any revelations or insights we may have been shown last week, this week brings us an encounter with our own feminine power whether we are female or male. In mythology, while Venus was the goddess of love, beauty, creativity, passion and pleasure, this did not mean she was actually in charge of her own destiny. She got married off to a god she did not love and who was not particularly attractive – at least in her eyes and probably most other people’s too – Hephaestus. Not that he was probably not a very nice god but seeing that he was somewhat taciturn and worked in a forge all day and we are dealing with the goddess of beauty and pleasure, this was not a happy match. So, it seems even if you were a goddess you could get pushed around and were not free to follow your heart. Contrast this with Lilith. Legend tells us Lilith was Adam’s first wife.

This also was not a happy union. Adam as it turned out was a meat-and-two-veg kind of guy when it came to bedroom shenanigans. Lilith said she wanted to be on top for a change. This was not on. Lilith was supposed to just lie there and think of apple trees. So, Lilith basically upped and left. Adam somewhat peeved by not receiving the nice, biddable wife he had been promised, spread all kinds of nasty rumours that she had to be a witch or unfaithful because how could anyone resist him? He was after all, supposedly the only man in the world and therefore the sexiest man alive, and supposed to be a catch.

The catch was that Lilith owned herself and Aphrodite didn’t. Are you willing to give up part or even all of yourself to have a relationship? Or are you giving a part of yourself up to please people in other areas of your life? The getting together of these two could just show you if this has happened and if so, what to do about it.

The way to get the balance you desire in your relationships could come in the form of new ideas around relating and communicating as Mercury slides in to Libra – Venus’s ruling sign and of course, the house of marriage and partnerships. Whatever you have to say however – say it with love. Or if you have to follow Lilith’s example – say it with self-love this week.