Scorpio Your Yearly Astrology Forecast for 2016

April 13th: Star of David: Vesta conjunct Mercury in 7th trine Jupiter in 11th trine Pluto in 3rd trine Vesta conjunct Mercury in 7th. Moon in 9th trine Juno in 1st trine Neptune in 5th. Vesta conjunct Mercury in 7th sextile Moon in 9th sextile Jupiter in 11th sextile Juno in 1st sextile Pluto in 3rd sextile Neptune in 5th sextile Vesta conjunct Mercury in 7th

13th – Mystic Rectangle: Moon in 9th sextile Jupiter in 11th trine Pluto in 3rd trine Neptune in 5th. Moon in 9th opposition Pluto in 3rd, Jupiter in 11th opposition Neptune in 5th

18th – Mars retrograde in 2nd

18th – Pluto retrograde in 3rd

22nd – Full Moon in 1st

May 28th – Mars re-enters 1st

June 30th – Mars direct in 1st

 September 9th – Jupiter enters 12th

29th – Pluto direct in 3rd

October 22nd – Cardinal Grand Cross: Uranus, Eris and Ceres conjunct in 6th square Moon in 9th square Mercury in 12th square Mars and Pluto conjunct in 3rd. Uranus, Eris and Ceres conjunct in 6th opposition Mercury in 12th. Moon in 9th opposition Mars and Pluto conjunct in 3rd

 23rd – Sun enters 1st

 November 25th – Venus conjunct Pluto in 3rd (exact)

December 18th – Pentagram: Uranus, Eris and Ceres all conjunct in 6th trine Sun and Saturn in 2nd  trine Moon in 10th trine Uranus, Eris and Ceres all conjunct in 6th. Uranus, Eris and Ceres all conjunct in 6th opposition Jupiter in 12th trine Mars and Pallas conjunct in 4th. Mars and Pallas conjunct in 4th opposition Moon in 10th

  • Love needs to be the kind that changes the game for you
  • Make your money work for you over the long term
  • Get ready to take a journey to the centre of your universe

Start the year still focussed on those three wishes I told you to make back in September 2015 when Jupiter entered your 11th. Or at least, focus on those which have yet to come true. Chances are one of them may have and if you recall, I did say that one or more should be granted while Jupiter remains in this house in your chart. Just ensure you are doing your part to make them manifest however as while Jupiter does want to say ‘Yes!’ he is also not a combination of Santa or your Genie of the Lamp all rolled into one. He does require that you make an effort as it is your actions which activate his luck potential. So, you set the forces in motion and Jupiter will do the rest.

Have a plan for the steps you can take to really activate Jupiter’s potential in this house. At the very least, he should be putting you in touch with influential, well-travelled and successful friends who may be able to help you or will at least assist with emotional support and perhaps offer more. If you are searching for a travelling companion or someone with whom to share new experiences, then Jupiter can deliver the perfect buddy. Just be aware that this is the house of friendship and not the house of romance. For a connection to grow into something more you need other transits going on. But see this as an opportunity to explore all kinds of connections as really, all connections are forged from love even if it is not the romantic kind!

However, that being said this is not to say romance may not grow out of friendship and remember, if it does this is usually the most enduring kind, or that love may not appear anyway. Have you noticed it usually does when you are off enjoying yourself and not thinking about it? Funny that! So, if you are seeking love then my advice to you for this year is to concentrate on fun and being with those whose company you enjoy and chances are romance will find you anyway! Now this could occur as early as April when the 13th brings some stellar aspects into being. Fabulous Juno who rules marriage and marriage-type relationships is now in your 1st and so plays an intensely  personal and leading role for you in the Star of David which shimmers in the sky on this day. Single? Well, you could encounter someone who has that sexiness and depth you seek. Certainly there’s a subtle yet steamy attraction going on or some flirtation hots up due to Mercury conjunct Vesta in your 7th. Jupiter is looking at this in a very positive way – is one of those wishes connected to love, Scorpio and above all, have you wished for a love that transforms? That’s the question being posed by ruler Pluto from your 3rd? In fact, any wish that will change your or your world is favoured now as Neptune in your 5th highlights romantic and also those ventures that see you shine. Sexy is the word for you on this day and remember – what you’re good at is its own kind of sexy!

This same day sees a Mystic Rectangle contained within the Star of David. I like to explain these aspects as an envelope as this is what they are shaped like. So, think of this as an envelope containing a gift for you from the universe – especially as your envelope is formed by Jupiter in your 11th of goals, wishes and dreams and Pluto in your house of communication. The Moon sits in your 9th and Neptune is in your 5th. There’s a gift here for you but you are required to be realistic about it and also may have to step into your stretch zone to fully take advantage of it. Are you ready to open up your prize?

Your ancient ruler Mars does not turn retrograde very often so when he does it is big news and also this means progress or pushing forward in whatever is ruled by the house he retrogrades in will now slow down or even stop for a bit. There’s an advantage to this as while Mars gives us confidence and courage, he can also see us rushing into things without looking at all the implications. So, with his retrograde phase comes the chance to assess situations and plan the next push forward. Mars turns retrograde on April 18 while your modern day ruler Pluto does the same in your communicative 3rd the same day. So, with both rulers heading backwards this really is a big phase of reorganisation and reassessment and making whatever changes that are needed. Mars retrogrades in your house of finances, assets and self worth so now is the perfect time to engage in financial and also personal audits. Try not to sign any new loan agreements, take out credit card applications or a new mortgage under this Mars retrograde unless you can possibly help it. This is a good transit under which to re-finance however as well as seek out professional advice from an accountant or financial adviser if needed.

Love and money are two sides of the same coin and the same energy as of course they are both ruled by Venus who rules your 2nd house. If you have joint accounts with a partner or joint financial concerns or issues that keep cropping up between you around budgeting and spending, you may want to use the full Moon in your 1st on the 22nd to air these. Please do remember that you are not your money but your money is energy that you can invest or direct. It is linked to your self-esteem and self-worth and how much you allow it to dictate how you value yourself should not be defined by how much you earn or is in your bank account. Neither should it dictate who has more say in a relationship. Money does not buy equality or ‘betterment’. Ask yourself if you feel you would deserve better treatment if you had a million pounds in the bank compared to how much you have (or don’t have) right now. If you feel that money can buy you respect, love or just being treated better by people close to you or the world in general then this Mars retro you have some serious work to do!

You’ll be looking closely at how you’ve handled your money in the past. Are you proud of this or are you now seeing that there are different choices you could have made? Mars is going to make some extremely impactful aspects to Saturn in your money zone this year and you will now see all too clearly how your financial choices in the past have shaped your present monetary circumstances. The good news for you is that with Saturn in your 2nd and with Mars going to give him more than one pass, you have all the tools you need to make long term adjustments to how you earn, spend, save and manage your money. This is big pants finance business school for all Phoenixes and you can graduate with honours if you combine Saturn’s wisdom with Mars’s capacity to get things done. If you need to meet with people to discuss money – and this includes anything from meeting with your bank manage to talk about your overdraft or negotiating a payrise or salary, act professionally and present the facts and whatever you do, leave emotion out of it all.

Saturn will also turn retrograde in your 2nd again asking for you to apply what you are learning about your handling of money in the past in order to create a new financial future. Part of this may involve getting a handle on any debts you have and perhaps coming to an agreement with creditors how you will pay off any outstanding loans or balances. Again, approach anything like this in a practical manner and if you do have debts then do not blame yourself or think this in any way reflects on your worth as a human soul engaged in a learning process. Saturn turns retrograde on March 25 – before Mars does. When Mars and Pluto both turn retrograde Saturn continues his backwards movement and will only just have turned direct again by the time Mars reaches him in your 2nd on August 22nd which could well be a pivotal time when you not only get to put into action financial plans but you could also see the rewards stemming from this appearing in your bank account.

While he is retrograde, Mars will head back into your 1st from May 28 until he moves forward again on June 30. Those of you born during the last week of your sign will find yourselves brought to a halt until those financial areas are sorted out so don’t expect much progress until then. Your money may also be harder to come by or just not increasing but there is another side to this as you will be less inclined to spend on what you do not need and in a much stronger conservation state of mind. Remember, that in order to save the first thing we need to is to start spending less rather than just concentrating on trying to earn more so we can start saving. If you begin here then by the time Mars is direct again and reaches Saturn you should have established better and long term habits around your money with which you can build a solid foundation.

September 9th sees another of the year’s biggest transits occur when Jupiter enters your 12th house. If you have any Libran friends or those with Libra rising, you might want to talk to them about how this transit manifests as they have spent the past 12 months experiencing it first-hand. Unlike many Jupiter transits, this one is not usually about material or actual expansion although as with all of them, travel is a possibility. Jupiter in your 12th is about higher, spiritual learning and this can mean learning more about yourself, exploring the deeper side of life and perhaps studying occult matters such as the Tarot, astrology, clairvoyance, philosophy and belief systems or even psychology. The past in terms of your past in this lifetime and your past lives could become important and you will become more aware of how the past has shaped your present. Any major planet transiting this house can put you in touch with the deep side of life’s experiences as this house rules ‘womb and tomb’ – where you were before this life and where you are going afterwards – either through personal events or studying. You could even end up helping those who are sick or disadvantaged in some way during this transit. This is an excellent cycle for anyone who works in heathcare, healing, places of confinement – hospitals, hospices and even prisons, and charity work. This is the house of what cannot be seen but nonetheless exists. So, as well as the more esoteric stuff, this house also rules subjects such as theoretical maths and quantum physics as both require us to enter a different realm of understanding to get to grips with them. So, if you work in these areas again, this can be an excellent transit where discoveries can be made.

This is the house of hidden enemies and while in here. Jupiter will expose them if they exist, but remember – the enemy within comes under this heading as it is always the one we are least aware of. Jupiter’s gift to you while in here is that he will not only expose those thoughts that lead you to sabotage or hold yourself back, but he will also allow you to identify where they came from and put them behind you so that once he reaches your 1st in 2017, you are free from any limitations you have been carrying around inside of you. Pluto also heads direct once more at the end of this month so there is a feeling of moving forward once again.

Mars and Pluto are set to meet in October and you may be called upon to apply the inner wisdom that is being revealed to you at that point as a challenge appears which calls on you to make a change on October 22nd. The Cardinal Grand Cross has Mercury in your 12th in orb and not Jupiter but Mercury delivers news of something that needs attending to which could impact on work and wellbeing. It’s intended to free you up thanks to the Moon in your 9th but something may now have to be let go of or cut back as a result. However, the feeling of release will be well worth it.

This occurs just in time for the Sun’s entry into your 1st on October 23rd so see anything you have to let go of as a shedding. Your special Scorpio new Moon occurs on the 30th just before Halloween announcing the real start of your new cycle no matter when you birthday actually falls. As All Hallows traditionally sees the barriers between this world and the spirit world become more permeable, it may be a good time to ask for what you want to achieve or experience during the coming year. Stay away from asking for actually things – this does not work! Base your requests on knowledge and experience and you may be surprised how these kinds of opportunities manifest.

Transformations around your business or love are promised at the end of November as Venus catches up for a hot night with ruler Pluto in your 3rd. What is talked about or the news you receive, or even who you meet could set a connection or what you’re doing on a powerful new path. Singles could find themselves drawn to someone who broadcasts a deep, powerful magnetism and what’s more, they are picking up the same from you! This could be a meltdown encounter or the start of something that changes you both. Again, this could be a past connection or more likely – a past life one.

 The end of the year sees you in a position to make a long term decision around your work, money or cement a plan you’ve put into action. Last year we saw a Pentagram appear on December 24 and this year we have one on the 18th. The Sun and Saturn are conjunct in your 2nd so we are looking at long term money issues that are linked to your work and career thanks to all the planetary activity across your 6th and 10th houses. Jupiter in your 12th now asks you to apply anything you have been learning now. What makes this Star so special for you is that Mars is in your 4th as part of this. Now, usually we would say he’s not that comfy in here but on this occasion he is conjunct Pallas who gives him that strategic edge and the ability to look to the long term future. Pentagrams flash into being one moment and are gone just as quickly so in this instance you have to strike a balance between being ready to grab a sudden opportunity but at the same time, thinking though all the possible implications. However, I would say in this instance, this is another gift for you and if you apply what you have learned this should see something worthwhile established in regards to your work and income with these areas now working for you.

2016 can take you on a big inner journey into the wondrous world of yourself where in fact, all the answers to any problems lie. You just have to know how to access your inner wisdom and Jupiter in your 12th can teach you this. The long time Mars spends retrograde and back in your 1st is to get you to see that sometimes the best action we can take it to wait and apply past experiences rather than pushing against the prevailing energy. And that’s your secret to success this year – working with your energy. All things are possible but they come into being within. Benefits may take a time to manifest but you are the one who can change the rules of the game simply by taking your time this year.