Weekly General Astrology Forecast November 21


Structure holds the key to soul freedom
Create what you need to bankroll those dreams (Clue: it’s within you!)
Happy birthday, Sagittarius!

weekly horoscopeBalance and freedom within a structure are what we are looking at this week. The Sun enters freedom loving Sagittarius. But they can be no true freedom without structure as Saturn in here reminds us. Remember, structure has nothing to do with imprisonment or curtailing that freedom.

Think of it like this – you want to go on holiday. So you plan your trip, right? You buy a ticket to your destination, book accommodation, plan when you will travel and what you will see and do when you get there? Even if you are hitting the hippie trail you still have a plan – places you will visit on your journey – and a ticket to ride. This is your structure. I could say this brings balance to the Force as Mercury meets Saturn in Sagittarius and both of them make a wonderful angle to Sagi’s ruling planet Jupiter in the sign of balance – Libra.

weekly horoscopePluto and Venus are in Saturn’s ruling sign of Capricorn and both of them are making a tight square to Jupiter as they meet in here this week. If you are facing a mess, chaos or things falling apart in any area of your life now, the freedom of moving forward and away from this again lies in structure. The same goes if something has stalled or refuses to shift forward for you. Where can you create structure? The planets say begin it now.

Almost all problems we face in our lives can be traced back to lack of structure in some way, shape or form. Those relationships that don’t work out for you? The lovers who treat you badly? Solid self-worth structure and knowing what you want usually weeds these time-wasters and heart-breakers out on early on in the game. Money problems? Have you been paying attention to where whatever cash you have goes?

If you want more of it how can you expect to attract that when you cannot manage what you have? This is structure. Yes, it all sounds boring but once it is in place then you have the freedom you want to experience life in a big way. After all, adventures have to be bank-rolled. Think of structure as the benefactor who funds this for you now.

As the Sun arrives in expansive Sagittarius its time for us all to embrace the freedom that structure can bring!


21st – Sun enters Sagittarius (evening)

23rd – Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (exact)

23rd – Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Libra

24th – Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (exact)

25th – Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (exact)

25th – Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra