Weekly general astrology overview 13th Feb 2017

Harmony and acceptance of others

Love is a wild, impulsive fiery chase

A gift from your intuition

Last week’s Full Moon eclipse was pretty intense, shedding, letting go and surrendering old emotional baggage can be painful. All of us had to make adjustments and face certain issues, are you still smarting from that? Thank goodness this week is reasonably gentle thanks to the Sun entering Pisces but before we get to that let’s talk about Amore!

On Valentine’s day, the Moon is in Libra and Venus is in Aries. Moon in Libra wants the perfect relationship and has very refined tastes, so it’s easier to communicate and harmonise any potential dates.  However Venus and Mars are in fiery, bold Aries which is the opposite of gentle, harmony-seeking Libra. These two fire crackers can be rash, fearless and impulsive in love which brings a large helping of passion and spice to the day. Venus and Mars in Aries also bring out the hunter in us and encourages an enjoyable chase; sparks will fly as impulsive Venus wants it and wants it now.

Yes, Valentines is a commercial venture that was never really a love ceremony,  the date was likely stolen from the customs from Februa, an ancient spring cleansing ritual held on the 15th of the month. In Pre-Roman times, that merged into the festival of Lupercalia, a yearly event to send away evil spirits and boost health and fertility. So if you’re not interested in love this is a fantastic time to commit to your health and well-being.

However,  even if you’re not into the whole Valentines schlock with Moon in Libra and Venus and Mars in Aries, there is a strange urge to keep one eye out for the postperson. Even if you ignore it, you’ll probably ignore it in an exciting fiery way as the energy. If you’re single or in a complex relationship here’s my guide to how to survive Valentines day.

The Moon in Libra is conjunct lucky Jupiter on the 16th encouraging us all to expand our emotional depth; you might feel something emerging from your unconscious or intuition that will benefit you so listen to your inner voice. It’s an uplifting day that could empower us to find the inner balance to push forwards .

Hot on the heels of Valentine’s day there’s a temptation to get lost in escapism or addictions or surrender to a wild romantic liaison or fantasy as the Sun goes into loving Pisces. Pisces also brings out our compassion, empathy and intuition to the surface. Try to keep grounded and you could have an enchanted week.

Moon ( Libra)  Conjunct Jupiter 16th feb

URANUS (Aries)  SQUARE  VESTA (Cancer)

Exact 16 Feb 2017

SUN ENTERING Pisces  (12th House)

18 Feb 2017