Weekly Astrology General Forecast 3-9th April 2017

Hang onto your love hats as Venus the Planet of love is going for a backwards spin down Ye Old lover’s lane. Venus is in empathetic and soppy Pisces, one of the most romantic signs of all. She is making us sentimental and all gooey about the past. You might catch yourself thinking that perhaps that ex wasn’t so bad? Or hear a tune on Spotify and remember the good old days while forgetting the sleepless nights and tears?

 Beware when Venus is retro in Pisces,  we are drawn to illusions. Yes, it is the perfect opportunity to heal a romantic soul wound and to understand our relationship karma; but it can also be love potion number 9 sprinkled on the past and cat nip to ex-lovers. She also stirs up secrets from the past, perhaps ones that we didn’t want to face before. Whatever happens, use your intuition and psychic antenna to pierce through the BS.

Venus in Pisces also has a lack of boundaries so one could ‘accidentally’ snog an ex or emerge from under an inappropriate duvet. In spiritual terms it offers a chance to be honest with ourselves and to heal the past, she reminds us that we are the beloved of the Universe and after April 15th we reawaken to our natural magic.

On the 6th there are two important cosmic events. Mars the planet of war, fire, and passion is joining forces with invincible, primal Pluto. Mars is in Taurus the stubborn and sensual, and Pluto is in rigid, tenacious Capricorn. In terms of world events we could see a major show down with two countries. There’s a kickback against injustice, and the energy is charismatic and powerful, also very sexy. Many astrologers are saying as it’s a trine it is more persuasive than aggressive, but I’m not so sure as both these energies consider themselves right and don’t back down. On a personal note it can be a wonderful confidence boost and a time to take positive action. With Sun in Aries Square Pluto on the 9th, the argy-bargy continues with much sabre rattling and masculine hoedowns. On a personal level, avoid arguments on the 9th and check your ego.

Saturn, the Lord of Responsibility is joining the retrograde party and going backwards in wacky, expansive and philosophical Sagittarius. This retrograde may make us all take stock of our future plans and pull back on some of them. Dreaming big is great but Saturn wants us to be realistic. I wouldn’t start building any big walls yet, or planning that round the world balloon trip. Take things one step at a time.

Mercury goes retro on the 9th at 23.15pm so I’m writing more about that for next week, but suffice to say get all those important talks out the way this week as things get tricky next week.

3 April VENUS ENTERING PISCES (12th House) (by retrograde motion)

4th April SUN (Aries) SQUARE  JUNO (Capricorn)

6th April  MARS (Taurus) TRINE PLUTO (Capricorn )

6th April SATURN STATIONARY (Sagittarius ) Turns Retrograde until Late August

7th April  SUN (Aries) OPPOSITION  JUPITER (Libra)

8th April  VENUS (Pisces) SQUARE  SATURN (Sagittarius)

9th April  SUN (Aries) SQUARE  PLUTO (Capricorn)