Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio 13th November! Fireworks!

Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio: Get ready for passion with depth and love without fear!

Passion, possibilities and magic fuse with intensity and power. The result? Love alchemy as Jupiter and Venus meet in Scorpio for the first time in 12 years on November 13. Jupiter is all about expansion, exploration and learning. Venus is all about pleasure, creativity and romance. Put them both in the sign of sizzling sex, passion and transformation and If you’ve fallen out of love with love then this meeting could see you fall back in deeper than you ever thought possible. Think no limits love – if not for someone then something. We can all embrace the power of love, this November. But here’s what this cosmic meeting between two planets who only want us to experience good things, may bring you.

Aries: Ground breaking transformations. Intense attraction and desire. Fear becomes a thing of the past. Having the courage to express your sexiness and power in a way you never dreamed possible. Don’t be surprised if you are drawn to a lover who changes you forever. Others could experience a big breakthrough will their job or salary, receive a pay-out or legacy or benefit from another’s generosity.

Taurus: It’s all about you and another. Venus is your ruler and along with Jupiter could be about to provide the missing piece. Now this could be anyone from a potential romantic partner, a business partner, a new best friend or a collaborator/activity partner. Or even a four-legged partner. Let down any barriers to love you’ve created and embrace the Power of Two, Taurus. Another way this transit can manifest is in removing that ‘problem’ person or neutralising them in some way.

Gemini: Work breakthroughs. Finding that job that feeds your soul as well as your bank account (which Venus rules). If you’ve been seeking a job or just a better, more satisfying role, then this meeting between Jupiter and Venus could bring this about. Pets may also feature resulting in a happier you. One word of warning however – this is your house of wellbeing. If you’ve been tired or under-the-weather this meeting can have you firing on all cylinders again and offer a welcome return to wellbeing. However, both these planets are about indulgence so it will be really easy to put on that weight!

Cancer: Oh, hello romance! If you’ve been wondering where love has gone it’s back now, storming those castle walls and rescuing you from dragons (real or imagined). A fabulous larger than life lover could appear ready to sweep you off your feet. Venus and Jupiter are in your 5th which also rules children, creativity and opportunities to shine. This is an excellent transit for making babies, stepping into the spotlight or receiving a ‘lucky’ break that propels you centre—stage. Get ready to get noticed.

Leo: If you’ve been looking for move or upgrade your property or living arrangements, Venus and Jupiter could be about to hand you the keys to the door. You could also benefit in some way from real estate dealings, the help of a woman, or career news. Something which has the potential to enhance your long-term security in a big, big way. You’re putting down roots and establishing your sense of place in the world. Be prepared to make a big decision that could also involve a long-term commitment on your part. But don’t be afraid of the ‘C’ word. It’s all about building your future now – and that includes your future happiness.

Virgo: Are you ready for news that transforms your world? Or ready to weave an alluring spell for success and love? Why do you think we have sayings like ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’? That’s because words are magic. What words or other forms of communication can bring you, or where they can take you will be apparent now. This could be anything from a CV to an exam paper, a phone call, an email, a manuscript or a business idea. Looking for love? Have the courage to start that conversation. That’s the power of words too. Others could see how they get around benefit in some way or a big upgrade in communication tools. Whatever you have to say – say it.

Libra: Venus your ruler is in her ruling house in your chart. Her meeting Jupiter in here has not occurred for 12 years. We’re talking having an asset-rich mind-set now in order to obtain results you can bank on. Quite literally. Your bank account could be about to receive the biggest boost it has seen for a very long time. You’ve got the power to determine your financial future now. Extra cash should be invested and not spent. Other assets aside from your cash could also increase. Look to what boosts your self-or-net-worth. This is all about your future and the turning point is right now.

Scorpio: Seeing how much you matter. To yourself as well as to others. Allowing yourself to become proud of who you are. What you’ve achieved. What you are evolving into. Setting aside fears around not being ‘good enough’. Whose are they anyway? As you do, watch how your world – and what and who you can attract, transforms. This is deeply personal magic. Ask yourself what it is you truly want. That resonates on a soul level to who you have become. Personal goals could be answered.

Sagittarius: Ruler Jupiter in your 12th wants to connect you to something bigger. As usual he’s all about a journey, exploration and expansion but in your 12th, his benefits may be spiritual or intangible in some way. That does not mean to say they are not valuable or lasting however. Karmic rewards, legacies from the universe, knowledge you can utilise to change your destiny – all of these or more could be gifts you receive when he meets Venus in here. The past contains a gift too – or a past love could return when Venus meets Jupiter or a love that defines your destiny. In fact, your destiny could be the gift that these two have for you now.

Capricorn: Your 11th rules friends and groups and your goals and dreams. This house is benefitting from Jupiter’s friendly visit for the first time in 12 years. As he meets Venus in here get ready for an important new friendship, benefits from the people you already know, or a wish to be granted. You should be in a mood to get out, socialise and connect. If you have been thinking about joining a group, club, organisation or anything where you meet new people, now is the time. The people around you are treasure to be mined. Make the effort to get out and about and connect in every way you can think of now. Who you meet could change your destiny.

Aquarius: Time to take yourself seriously as Jupiter and Venus meet in your career and status zone. It’s all about making the right impression where it counts. And this begins with Venus giving you not only the ability to make the right impression but in Scorpio the ability to fit in and transform, chameleon like. You can be whoever you want to be now. Throw Jupiter into the mix and it’s time for big, bold moves where your career is concerned. Take yourself seriously – and others will too. Stop thinking of yourself as a ‘lightweight’. This house in your chart also rules your partner’s status in life. With the Goddess of Love in here and Jupiter offering big opportunities, concepts like ‘punching above your weight’ may no longer apply as you could snag that dream lover.

Pisces: With Jupiter in his ruling house in your chart for the next 12 months, your keywords are passion, fire and freedom. Now Venus, planet of love, pleasure and creativity joins him. Expect a new pathway to be opening up for you where you can either explore love or your heart’s desires or else travel, study or adventure brings romance or unexpected benefits. Jupiter rules luck and him being in his ruling house just puts the odds in your favour. Add Venus to the mix and this is all about taking a chance – perhaps on yourself and what you believe you can do. Step into unexplored territory and believe you belong there. That’s your key to the Venus/Jupiter meeting.