Weekly Astrology Overview 27th November 2017

  • Take ownership
  • Embrace a bigger kind of love experience
  • Prepare for the unpredictable!

Yikes! Mercury turns retrograde this week and we should all brace for some Mercury Madness (more on that in a moment). But before this happens he meets Saturn in here. The meeting of these two could bring serious or ‘heavy’ news which is all about making a commitment. It’s also going to be about looking at what we’ve  created in our lives and taking responsibility for that. Sagittarius is all about freedom but there’s a big difference between freedom and running away. Having said that, stepping back from something may lend us much-needed perspective and we may realise something has, in fact, run its course or is keeping us stuck where we are. This could even be an idea or a worldview that we suddenly see imprisons us or limits us in some way. Lighten the load but keep what works is the message here. Especially if it is something that sustains us.

Venus arrives in Sagittarius this week bringing with her love for passion, adventure, learning new things, beautiful philosophies, foreigners, the outdoors and the animal souls we share the planet with. In here she could awaken in us a desire for a bigger love experience. Don’t think this is just limited to romantic love. This can be the love of a cause, an idea, a thing that takes you away from your ordinary world and off into a new one. Running towards something is different to running away.

Oops, this day also sees fiery Mars in Venus’s ruling sign of Libra, oppose unpredictable Uranus in Mars’s ruling sign of Aries. To say all bets are off may be an understatement here. We all may flip flop between wanting one thing one minute, then not wanting it the next. Or think something is heading in one direction only for it to do a U-turn and head in the opposite one. Time for a deep breath and to keep that perspective. No matter what, chains are being broken that bind us so chill and flow.

The 3rd sees a full Moon appear in Mercury’s ruling sign of Gemini – the day he shifts to retrograde motion. If you are travelling or planning to during the Mercury retrograde which will last until Dec 23rd, please allow plenty of time to reach your destination. And have a Plan B. And a Plan C for that matter. However, when it comes to what we have created in our lives, we may now see we have made something lasting but it just needs refinement or readjustment rather than discarding.

Remember, that Mercury Retrograde serves a purpose – although that can be difficult to see when your train has been cancelled or delayed or your date turns up two hours late. It’s all about the ‘re’ words during a retrograde. Revisit, rewrite (but not reboot!) and in the wake of Mercury’s entanglement with Saturn and the light of the full Moon, reflect.

As Mercury is in truth monster Sagittarius be even more cautious before you spill the beans or deliver any brash advice. Fresh insights could emerge as a result. This week may link you back to the past on some level (pesky ex’s may get in touch but it’s still confusing) but on another, the freedom of a fresh future begins here too.

In a nutshell: Mercury retrograde and a full Moon could bring forth information or opportunities we missed the first time around. Leading us into a bigger love experience.