Saturn in Capricorn 2017/2018: How it impacts your sign

Saturn in Capricorn: What Heights will You Scale?

Saturn enters his ruling sign of Capricorn for the first time in 28 years on December 20. It’s time for us to enter the rarefied realm of the mountain goat. To discover what the view is like from the top. For all of us, there’s something to be built and then scaled in a particular area of our lives depending which house in our charts Saturn is in. For many of us, this will be our first experience of Saturn in his ruling sign in this particular area of our charts. Others born with Saturn in Capricorn will be set for their Saturn return – a powerful and soul-determining time.

For more insight into what Saturn in Capricorn will mean for all of us, check out my Climb Every Mountain article here. Remember, Saturn asks us to create a structure, establish something or commit. He’s all about taking responsibility. And he’s now in a sign famed for all those things as well as having the willingness to go the distance. So, what does he have in store for you over the next two and a half years as he travels through Capricorn? Check out my short (but structured!) Saturn forecast for your sign.

Aries – Saturn in the 10th House: What have you achieved and what have you still to do? Your professional reputation is everything now. It’s time to take yourself seriously because if you don’t, how do you expect others to? You’ll be dealing with people in positions of authority. Ensure you create the right impression as they are in a position to either help you – or hinder you. Serious career inroads can be made now with serious rewards attached. Saturn helps you knuckle down and get things done but whatever you do, don’t cut corners. Handle it right, and in the next couple of years, you’re flying.

Taurus – Saturn in the 9th House: What’s your worldview, Taurus? Do your beliefs sustain you or are they rigid and confining? The 9th is all about learning and expansion. Saturn in here is all about creating a foundation from which you can explore. This can either be a ‘the world is your oyster’ transit (think of yourself as the pearl) or else one where you go nowhere and appear to be trapped in some kind of cosmic spin-cycle. It’s all about applying lessons to free yourself if you’re caged. Until we learn what the lesson is, we’re destined to repeat it. Open your mind with Saturn here and take his lesson on board.

Gemini – Saturn in the 8th: If something is built to last, nothing shakes its foundations. Whether it’s a relationship or a career path. Has something been lived out? Remember, Saturn rules time. He’s likely to say ‘Time’s up!’ over something when he’s in your 8th house. If you are in the wrong job, nothing is going to keep you there. If you don’t take action to change it, Saturn will. Saturn nestled in your primal zone helps you heal old wounds and come into your power. If a relationship isn’t right for you expect it to disappear. Step in before Saturn does. And above all, keep everything above board.

Cancer – Saturn in the 7th: This is the ‘put a ring on it’ transit. It’s time for that serious love or to make that commitment. When it comes to relationships, Saturn in here is all about understanding what you truly need from a partner to make it work in the long term. And this comes from understanding your own needs. When Saturn is in our 7th house, this means he will at some point oppose our natal Sun or our ascendant if we know our time of birth. We could be dealing with Saturn in a very personal way now. A partner with a pronounced age difference or exceptionally powerful either way is one likelihood. You should now be playing for keeps. But if you married for the wrong reasons, if you feel trapped or if your relationship has turned into a business, then Saturn could see you going your separate ways.

Leo – Saturn in the 6th: Chop wood, carry water. Our daily tasks, work, routine and rituals form the bedrock from which we can build. It’s all about your day job or if you do unpaid work, the importance of this to create a structure in your life from which you can build up. Even if your day job is just that – you’ll be able to see how this serves you in acting as a financial safety net and launch pad on to something else. No day job? Saturn will fix that for you. Don’t listen to the ancient interpretations of restriction. Saturn only restricts when we refuse to create a structure in our lives or work within an existing one. You can be out of work but incredibly structured in how you seek work or plan your day. Saturn rewards effort. Chop wood, carry water represents the mundane tasks we all still have to do while seeking the rewards of spiritual enlightenment. Saturn says: do the work now.

Virgo – Saturn in the 5th: Look to the other, hidden dimensions of Capricorn to unlock the potential of Saturn in your 5th, Virgo. At first glance, this doesn’t look like a good fit. After all, isn’t your 5th all about romance, passion, glamour, sparkly stuff, glitter, pleasure and fun? Is all this on lock-down for the next two and a half years? Instead of a disco ball are you looking at decorating your 5th in Farrow and Ball Downpipe Grey instead? Fear not. Delve deeply into the sea goat side of Capricorn and what do you find? A killer sense of humour, a rich vein of sensuality and a cornucopia of worldly delights waiting for you to sample them. All 5th house stuff. Saturn in here says it’s time for serious lovers, commitment to creative ventures and staying in the spotlight. Of course you still have to put in the hard work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing so.

Libra – Saturn in the 4th: Seeing as Saturn is all about foundations then a visit by him to your house of home, family and traditions could just translate into bricks and mortar for you, Libra. Explore your roots while Saturn is in here. Maybe you never got on with your family. Maybe you always thought there had been a mix-up at the maternity ward. Or you just never felt you ‘belonged’ – wrong people, wrong home, wrong country. It’s all about looking at this and then building what works for you. Maybe you take all of it, none of it, or merely bits and pieces of it, and create something that serves you. Lay those foundations now. Saturn could see some of you put down roots. If you’re in the right place to do so, commit. If not, work towards finding just where and who represents home for you.

Scorpio – Saturn in the 3rd: Keep your word now. Say what you mean, mean what you say and whatever you do, back up talk with the appropriate action. Words are your building blocks for the future. Your communications have more structure. Business dealings are built on bedrock. You’ll be asked to keep your word on several occasions while Saturn is in here. Ensure that you do. Binding contracts can be signed. When it comes to anything to do with the written word – it’s all etched in stone. People will take what you say seriously so ensure you know what you are talking about. Publishing and commercial ventures require input and commitment. But the results could mean your words have a long life span.

Sagittarius – Saturn in the 2nd: Before you all panic and jump to the conclusion that Saturn in your house of cash adds up to being cash-strapped for two and a half years, let me offer you some reassurance. Many many mulitmillionaires and even billionaires out there, were born with Saturn in the 2nd house of their chart. Tenancy and hard work when it comes to making money – yes, Saturn represents that. He also represents self-discipline when it comes to money matters. And that is what you need to get your fiscal head around for the next 2.5 years, Sag. You’ll begin to see the only way to save money is to spend less of it. It’s not about instant gratification but about saving for the future. Why? Because financial security buys you the one thing you value above everything else: Freedom. You get that with self-discipline. Bank on it.

Capricorn – Saturn in the 1st: You may feel if not older, then certainly wiser with your ruler in your 1st house. It’s time to take yourself seriously if you are not already doing so. Serious rewards can be unlocked now. Time is going to be important. Time for decision making especially. Cultivate a certain gravitas. You’re able to bring a wonderful focus and determination to any goal or activity now. What’s more, you’re not about to lose sight of what really matters. You’re acting in a way that takes others feelings into consideration too. If there’s a win/win scenario to be had, you’ll find it and what’s more make it work. This just wins everyone over – be it bosses, co-workers or loved ones. Your connections are all being cemented in for the long haul now. Choose wisely and they could be your best asset for years to come.

Aquarius – Saturn in the 12th: Working behind the scenes or on something you’re not ready to share with the world is likely now. It may appear that you’re labouring away unnoticed. But you’re not. Saturn is watching. This could see you laying the foundations for a future success when Saturn reaches your 1st. Saturn in here puts us in touch with our past – and our past lives. People from either are going to appear now. Remember, Saturn rules karma and he always wants to balance the books in some way. Karmic debts will be repaid now. Those you owe others and what others owe you. Look to who helps you without any apparent need for anything in return. Once upon a time you helped them. What goes around, comes around in this cycle.

Pisces – Saturn in the 11th: It’s all about quality, not quantity when it comes to friends now. Older, more experienced or even influential friends feature. They could turn out to be your best asset . Tap into this resource and draw on their experience. You could experience gain through one of these friendships. Someone may help you especially when it comes to career goals. If you’re seeking a mentor during this period you could attract someone who not only has a lot to teach you, but paves the way for some serious success further down the track. Above all during this time, you’ll be judged by the company you keep.