Sun Venus Transits

Sun Venus Transits

Sun Conjunct Venus

Wrap yourself in golden, glowing glamour as the Sun meets your natal Venus. Surround yourself with beauty. Create. Make yourself your own best work of art. You crave romance and adoration. You exude star quality. Don’t be surprised if you want to look and feel your best now. Even if you normally stay out of the spotlight you’re drawn centre stage perhaps even without realising it. Your creativity is a peak and demands an outlet. You could receive recognition for what you do. You’ll attract attention just by being you. Venus’s ability to attract is heated up by the Sun. Money, friends, opportunities or even a lover could be drawn to you like iron filings to a magnet. There’s one word, to sum up this transit: charisma. You have it now.

Sun Sextile Venus

If the Sun is approaching your Venus, this sextile is all about your social life: enjoying the company of good friends and making new ones. It’s all about understanding that all connections are love connections – even those between friends. It’s not just about loving the company you keep but also loving yourself and who you really are. You’re able to effortlessly connect now but just ensure you’re authentic. You should be as this transit says: what’s not to love? This is more about friendship than romance however. It’s not impossible but you would need other aspects in your chart to bring about a love connection.  Benefits can come via friends but maybe not those kind! When the Sun creates a sextile moving away from Venus, it’s all about beautifying your home. The Sun sextile Venus can often boost your bank account. If you have extra money now you’ll probably spend it on something beautiful.

Sun Square Venus

The usual tension we experience with a square doesn’t apply when the Sun makes a right angle to Venus. This may feel instead like a Trine Lite. You could embark on a new love affair or creative venture. While this transit does not have the magnetic qualities of a Sun/Venus conjunction or trine, you nevertheless have the power of attraction at your disposal. Things tend to flow easily, especially when it comes relationships. And while you may actively seek out romance, pleasure or a creative outlet, you are by and large content to just ‘go with the flow’. This can lead to the only down-side of this transit in that you can be so amenable and open to the needs of others, that you give too much and get taken advantage of. The general feel-good factor can also lead to overindulgence. If you are already involved, this transit can highlight relationship issues that need some TLC. Luckily for you, you’ll find it easier to come up with solutions now that restore that loving feeling. Feel both loved and loving now.

Sun Trine Venus

Romance rules along with freedom, truth and beauty. Creativity and life, in general, flows easily. If you are not using your own creativity now, you will be drawn to other people’s. Art, music, theatre, design or just beautiful surroundings – you need to immerse yourself and experience beauty.  You may spend money on adornment – especially your image or objects d’art for your home. And it will be all too easy to go over your budget so beware! The positive effects of this transit will be diluted if you shut yourself away. You need to share and connect. Get together with friends or your partner. A new romance is one possibility with this transit. There’s a light-hearted feel to everything you undertake or experience now. As a result, you’ll need the support of other planets if a love affair is to develop into something more serious. This is also a wonderful transit for smoothing over any misunderstandings. Kiss and make up.

Sun Opposition Venus

It’s not you, it’s me. Your relationships act as reflections of who you are now. So what do you see? You’re encountering facets of yourself in each connection. Remember, all connections have something to teach us about love – even the people we claim not to love at all. In fact, those we label enemies may have the most to teach us. Perhaps about self-love. The Sun/Venus opposition can highlight any tensions between you and others. It’s all about how you reach within and handle things than about the other person. This is a time when you will want to share the love and your feelings. Even if you are not in a romantic relationship, this transit is all about becoming more conscious of the love you do have in your life – and the love have to give back. Define your style of loving now.