Sun Jupiter Transits

Sun Jupiter Transits

Sun Conjunct Jupiter

When the Sun meets your natal Jupiter it triggers the desire for something more. Something bigger, bolder, brighter. No matter where you are or what your circumstances today, you will feel the push to make positive changes that expand your world on some level. And you won’t just think about this, but take steps to go get it. Limitations or blocks real or imagined either fall away or you wonder why you ever thought them barriers. You may now have the confidence to go after or attempt something you may have thought beyond your capabilities now. What is it you want to learn, see or experience? This is a fantastic transit under which to travel or embark on a course of study. Or plan to do so. If the latter, know your plans have a better than usual chance of working out than at other times.  You feel energised, optimistic and ready to take on the world. Exploration – whether actual or the intellectual kind, propels you on a journey. You could take the first step into a larger world today.

Sun Sextile Jupiter

Is luck a factor or a frame of mind? Good question. Recent studies suggest that people who are perceived as ‘lucky’ just open their lives up to ways the good stuff gets to them. The Sun sextile Jupiter could put you right in that zone. You’re in a positive mood and as a result things just seem to go the way you want them to. Adopting this kind of mindset alters your focus and your energy. So like those apparently ‘lucky’ people out there, you’re not just attracting opportunities, you’re aware of them where before you might have missed them. It’s like the golden egg – which came first? The egg or the goose who lays it? The lesson of this transit however is we make our own luck. Or we recognise when an opportunity presents itself and act on it. This could even come in the form of someone in a position to help you in some way. Working with others, getting involved in group activities or something larger than yourself, could just bring unlooked for benefits. Have a map of where you want to get to, chart a course then see who or what crosses your path. Luck or coincidence? Or maybe a bit of both.

Sun Square Jupiter

There are squares and then there are hip to be squares. This is one of the latter. Squares don’t necessarily have to be tense aspects. This one gifts you with energy, enabling you to push ahead towards a goal. Harness this in a disciplined way and have a plan, and you could just be amazed at the progress you make.  Just be aware of taking on or doing too much. The only problem with this transit is that is can make you feel like you can conquer the cosmos.  You then end up over-extended or burned-out. This is why you need a plan – and the discipline to stick to it. A winning outlook? You’ve got that and this includes winning others over to your side if you encounter opposition now. Provided you don’t become arrogant or take a ‘my way or the highway’ approach, you can turn opponents into your cheer section. The down-side? This transit can ignite your generosity and make you over-generous – to yourself and well as to others. You can end up over-extended in more than one area all too easily. Disciple and self-discipline allow you to make the most of this transit.

Sun Trine Jupiter 

Good, good, good, good vibrations! This is one of the most positive transits we can hope to experience. It’s as feel good as a classic Beach Boys track. Everything seems to be going your way. You are running towards life, arms wide open wanting to embrace it all. And in fact, it is this your open attitude that attunes you to ‘lucky’ breaks and positive outcomes. Often we can experience what appears to be a ‘last minute’ turnaround in a situation under a Sun/Jupiter trine. It may seem like divine intervention. It is and it isn’t. It’s often down to events we set in motion ourselves which now come to fruition at precisely the right moment. This transit is all about trying something new or expanding our minds. Travel or trying a new activity is favoured. This is also a ‘big picture’ transit that allows us to look at our lives and see what works and what doesn’t. We can then align ourselves and commit more fully to what does, while letting go of what doesn’t without it turning into a big loss. Focus firmly on the future using optimism as your prism. A kaleidoscope of choices will come into view.

Sun Opposition Jupiter

Here’s the thing about oppositions. They contain polarities. Yes, we can say all transits do. But with oppositions it’s very much going to be one thing or the other. And nothing in between. So, very, very good. Or very, very challenging. Now, with the Sun/Jupiter opposition, the potential for it being very, very good is more easily expressed than with others. So, how can you avoid what wants to be a positive transit from tipping into the very, very challenging category? The answer is simple: everything in moderation. Now, this goes against what Jupiter is all about. Because he’s all about the big experience. But overindulgence, laziness, overconfidence, over-extending yourself or over-stepping the boundaries – all these things carry a big price tag on a Sun opposition Jupiter transit. You can choose to cruise here and are entitled to feel optimistic and confident. But this only goes so far. You have to stay focussed on the bigger picture. Put it this way – just because the car is in cruise control doesn’t mean you can take your eye off the road. Try to get away with something you deep down know you shouldn’t – such as cutting a corner for example, means there will be consequences further down the road. This transit often marks something coming to a conclusion or culmination in our lives. You can continue to drive it towards a positive outcome – or take a back seat. Take the bigger and more rewarding  experience and stay in control.